Have you seen this fabulous Ice Dyed Baby poster? Handi Quilter created this fun poster with the Debra Linker ice dyed pieces that were quilted by some of the Handi Quilter educators.

ice dyed baby poster

I want to share with you some of these quilts and their quilters. The quilting on them is fabulous! They will be seen at shows around the country. So keep an eye out to enjoy them up close and personal. Watch the Handi Quilter Facebook page for announcements of where they will be. Be sure to click the “LIKE” button so you will stay up to date on all things Handi Quilter, also watch your Instagram feed and be sure to follow us with the hashtag #handiquilter.

Quilted Ice Dye

Kaleidoscope Flower
by Vicki Kerkvliet


by Megan Best


Quilted Ice Dyed

The Beat Goes On
by Mary Beth Krapil


Stars and Garters
by Marie Eldredge


Quilted Ice Dyed

Sunny Beaches
by Linda Matteotti


Sky at Dusk
by Linda Gosselin


Iced Dahlia
by Kelly Ashton


Quilted Ice Dyed

Pretty in Pink
by Jane Hauprich


by Harriet Carpaninni


My Mid-Century Blossom
by Gina Siembieda


Blinged Bubbles
by Denise Best


by Susan Manry


by Allison Spence


Will you try your hand at quilting Ice Dyed, Baby?


by Mary Beth Krapil