Getting to know Telene Jeffrey, Handi Quilter’s newest International Ambassador

by Mary Beth Krapil We would like to welcome our newest International Ambassador, Telene (Hester Helena) Jeffrey! Telene lives in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa. She is an amazing quilter, teacher and artist. She is an SAQG (South African Quilters Guild) Accredited Quilt Teacher after successfully completing the Teachers Accreditation Course.  Telene has won numerous prizes [...]

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Celebration of Fall colors (before it’s too late)

by Mary Beth Krapil Here in North America it is still Autumn, although some regions might question that, as they experience snow and freezing temperatures. Winter is coming quickly; but we still have a few weeks to enjoy the spectacular colors, bright sunny days and cool crisp air of Fall here in the mid-Atlantic states. [...]

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Quilter’s Thanksgiving

by Mary Beth Krapil Thanksgiving is the holiday we celebrate here in the USA on the forth Thursday in November each year. It originated with our ancestors as a harvest celebration. It has morphed in modern times into a day that we are mindful of and grateful for all of the things that make us [...]

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Log Cabins of Donald Judd by Luke Haynes

by Mary Beth Krapil Handi Quilter's Ambassador, Luke Haynes, had a special exhibit of a collection of his quilts at the recent AQS Fall Paducah Quilt Week. It was a fantastic collection of 50 log cabin quilts, each 90 inches square. Luke says in his blog, "This is a show of textiles taking conceptual themes [...]

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The Care and Feeding of a Longarm

by Mary Beth Krapil Once you have your longarm machine all set up in your studio and you are getting familiar with how to use it, you'll also want to know how to care for it, so that it continues to run in tip-top shape for many years to come. Handi Quilter machines require very [...]

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Quilting Beautiful Borders

by Mary Beth Krapil   I was recently at the AQS Fall Paducah Quilt Week, and of course, I took time to look at the quilts. As usual, something caught my attention on one of the first quilts I saw. And, as usual, I started to look at that one aspect on all the other [...]

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Simple But Effective

by Mary Beth Krapil   I have one of the BEST jobs. I travel, and I get to see lots of quilts from all over the world! I've seen so many different quilting styles, from simple to complex. I believe each quilt calls for its own style and complexity depending on the quilt top and [...]

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Red and White Quilting

by Mary Beth Krapil I was amazed at the beautiful collection of red and white quilts from Linda Pumphrey's new book, Red and White Quilting, An Iconic Tradition on 40 Blocks. It was on display recently at the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in Raleigh, NC.  The sign introducing the display says it all. "Bold, [...]

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An Interview with Handi Quilter Ambassador, Laurie Tigner

by Mary Beth  Krapil It's time to meet another of our wonderful Handi Quilter Ambassadors, Laurie Tigner. Laurie is an award-winning quilter residing in South Dakota. Although she doesn’t have a favorite style of quilt, she has a definite affinity for whole-cloth quilts and painting religious icons (some on fabric and then quilted). Laurie first [...]

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Top Ten Tips for New Longarm Quilters

by Mary Beth Krapil   If you're new to the world of longarm quilting, it can be overwhelming; as there is seemingly so much to learn. As a 10 year veteran Handi Quilter National Educator, I've been all over the world teaching longarm classes. I've met thousands of quilters and the vast majority of them [...]

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