We recommend checking with the event organizer before traveling to confirm dates and times. Contact your local Handi Quilter retailer for more details on these upcoming HQ Education events and shows.

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Events for Dec. 01, 2021 - Feb. 28, 2022

Dec. 2021

Dec. 2021
Dec. 02 - Dec. 04 3-Day Handi Quilter Hands-On VAN Event
Clarksville, IN (Indiana), United States
Hosted By: Sewing & Vacuum Authority
Location: Sewing & Vacuum Authority
Phone: (812) 283-8424
Address: , Clarksville, IN (Indiana), United States
Description: This 3-day event hosted by Handi Quilter and Sewing & Vacuum Authority runs from December 2nd – December 4th! Day 1: All Day Class – Getting Started with Longarm Quilting Are you interested in learning more about longarm quilting? This great class is a show and tell of all the best features of the Handi Quilter machine lineup. The basics will be covered, including machine and frame maintenance, loading a quilt, setting your tension, and picking the perfect thread to stitch out the perfect design. Questions about everything quilting related – from pantographs to stencils – will all be answered in this great back to basics class. Topics Include: • The basics of machine and frame maintenance • Tensioning bobbins and longarm quilting machines • How to load a quilt onto a frame • Quilting pantographs, groovy boards, and stencils • Rulers, basic free motion, and Handi Gadgets Day 2: 3 Hour Morning Class – Free-Motion Quilting, You Can Do It! Ready to tackle free-motion quilting? It’s as easy as starting with a few simple shapes! By beginning with drawing, you can develop an inventory of free motion designs that you can stitch out continuously. Fun fills, creative borders and easy blocks will all be demonstrated. Quilting out beautiful designs using free motion techniques will take your skills to the next level. Topics Include: • Drawing basic free-motion designs in a continuous line • Scaling fills for backgrounds • Creating your own edge-to-edge designs • How to fill borders evenly • Micro quilting and using different feet Day 2: 3 Hour Afternoon Class – Can’t Have Enough Rulers! Do you love rulers? But are you still looking for new ways to use them? In this class, we’ll focus on building an inventory of design ideas using the HQ VersaTool and other HQ rulers. Point to point quilting using markings already on your quilt – like seams or corners – is a cinch with rulers. We’ll start with ruler basics, then move on to creating beautiful designs for your entire quilt. Topics Include: • Ruler basics: the right foot, ruler base and ruler • Point to point quilting using the markings on the rulers • Using a ruler for a design base on an entire quilt • HQ VersaTool®: stitch-in-the-ditch, cross-hatch, piano keys, clamshells, and arcs • Quilting around applique or embroidery with rulers Day 3: 3 Hour Morning Class – Intro to Pro-Stitcher – Part 1 Pro-Stitcher is an intuitive computer-guided quilting system designed especially for use with Handi Quilter longarm quilting machines. User-friendly and simple to operate, the step-by-step process for each function is easy and fun. Whether finishing your own quilts or consider a quilting business, come see the elegant and precise quilting you can accomplish with Pro-Stitcher. New owners – start here! Topics Include: • Overview of support resources available on-line • Overview of menu and basic functions and design catalog • Place a block design using Skew, Resize, XForm and Align • Demonstration of the Pro-Stitcher Simulator • Overview of PS Designer ™ Day 3: 3 Hour Afternoon Class – Intro to Pro-Stitcher – Part 2  Let’s Quilt! Offered only with Part 1. This class moves beginners from overview to quilting applications. This class of quilting applications is an extension of Part 1 and addresses specific functions and basic techniques a quilter will use on a regular basis to finish quilts with the Pro-Stitcher. Tips and shortcuts for using features of the program are included. Topics Include: • What’s the difference between Reposition, Nudge, and Drag and Drop • The many ways to describe an Area on your quilt • Using Skew vs Border Skew & Triangle Skew • Set up, crop, wrap and advance edge to edge designs • Quilt straight lines the easy way with Move or Channel Locks The 3-day event will be taught by Martha Higdon.
Dec. 03 - Dec. 04 Get Your Hands on a Handi Quilter
New Braunfels, TX (Texas), United States
Hosted By: The Quilt Haus/Way to Sew
Location: The Quilt Haus/Way to Sew
Phone: (830) 708-3280
Address: , New Braunfels, TX (Texas), United States
Description: Four great classes for owners, renters, and anyone curious about longarm quilting, with special guest Educator Mary Yoder. Visit www.quilthaus.com and check our class calendar for all the details!
Dec. 06 - Dec. 13 Pro-Stitcher Boot Camp
New Braunfels, TX (Texas), United States
Hosted By: The Quilt Haus/Way to Sew
Location: The Quilt Haus/Way to Sew
Phone: (830) 708-3280
Address: , New Braunfels, TX (Texas), United States
Description: Learn how to use Handi Quilter's computerized quilting program, the Pro-Stitcher, with highly popular Educator Susan Manry. For owners, renters interested in renting the Pro-Stitcher system in our shop, and anyone considering adding the Pro-Stitcher or brand new Pro-Stitcher Lite (for the Moxie and the Simply Sixteen) to a HandiQuilter system! Virtual classes - attend from home or in our classroom.
Dec. 07 - Dec. 07 Confident Quilting with Rulers
Fort Worth, TX (Texas), United States
Hosted By: Longarm Quilting Academy
Location: Longarm Quilting Academy
Phone: (817) 313-4959
Address: , Fort Worth, TX (Texas), United States
Description: This class will provide the guidance needed to complete a beautiful work of art using Handi Quilter Rulers. Many tips and tricks will be given to make for a wonderful experience with rulers. So many quilters are afraid to work with rulers and this class will help give you the confidence needed to take on this great challenge! This class is good for all levels of quilters.
Jan. 2022
Jan. 14 - Jan. 15 Quilting and Needle Art Extravaganza
Sanford, NC (North Carolina), United States
Hosted By: Whatever's Quilted
Location: Dennis Wicker Civic Center
Phone: (888) 546-0665
Address: , Sanford, NC (North Carolina), United States
Description: Come to the Sanford to test drive your Handi Quilter longarm. One stop shopping for the best vendors from NC and SC. This is our 10th year for this show and we get better every year. We have tried to bring you the best local and specialty shops available. Save your gas and spend the day shopping with a variety of vendors. This is not a “shop hop” but a shopping stroll. Take your time and browse with all our merchants. You will see lots of fabrics, yarns, books and patterns. Several quilt shops will be here with quilting supplies. Vendors with wool and floss for stitchery, will be here also. Are you shopping for a sewing machine or a long arm quilting machine? There will be several choices.
Jan. 27 - Jan. 29 2022 Hands-On Van Event
San Antonio, TX (Texas), United States
Hosted By: Patty's Sewing Center
Location: Patty's Sewing Center
Phone: (210) 734-5515
Address: , San Antonio, TX (Texas), United States
Description: Are you thinking about purchasing a long arm ? Come join us for a hands-on event, featuring the HQ Amara and Pro-Stitcher. This is the best way to make up your mind and also get first hand knowledge from basics, free motion, ruler work and pro-Stitcher. 4 workshops will be included: A foot Ahead, Beyond Basic Background Fills, Not your Average Orange Peel, Gridwork, not guesswork Out amazing HQ Educator, Adam Rateliff, is returning to Patty's to lead the way. The van will be off loaded with 6 frames, Amaras and Pro Stitchers. Sign up for the early bird special: $179 until January 15 2022. After that date $199. Limited to 12 seats. When you purchase a long arm through Patty's, we will happily provide installation and set up.
Feb. 2022
Feb. 12 - Feb. 12 Winter Quilt Show - West Bend, WI
West Bend, WI (Wisconsin), United States
Hosted By: The Quilting Connection, LLC
Location: Washington County Farigrounds
Phone: (262) 723-6775
Address: , West Bend, WI (Wisconsin), United States
Description: Come join us and try out your new Handi Quilter machine. We will have the NEW Moxie on the 8 foot Loft Frame, the Simply Sixteen on the Little Foot Frame, the sitdown Capri on the InSight stitch regulated table, and the Amara with Pro-Stitcher! We have 2 Wisconsin locations to serve you and would love to share our 22 years of exclusive longarm quilting knowledge with you. Don't forget to visit our website www.LongarmConnection.com for up-to-date information. You can also contact us by email QuiltingConnectionWi@yahoo.com or by phone 262-723-6775
Feb. 17 - Feb. 19 3-Day Handi Quilter Hands On VAN Event 2022
Wiggins, MS (Mississippi), United States
Hosted By: Ms Sew N' Sew's Quilt Shop LLC
Location: Ms Sew N' Sew's Quilt Shop LLC
Phone: (601) 928-5885
Address: , Wiggins, MS (Mississippi), United States
Description: We've teamed up with Handi Quilter to bring you a special event all about longarm quilting techniques, specialized accessories, and the basics of working with a longarm quilting machine!