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HQ Moxie

Amara 20

HQ Infinity Longarm Quilting Machine


Now every stitch can be yours—from pieced top to finished quilt. You’ll find 15 inches of free-motion freedom in the new HQ Moxie™ longarm quilting machine. Forget basting with pins or cramming quilts through a domestic machine. Get to stitching quickly with straightforward features, easy-to-use controls, and the space to get creative. Practical features and optional accessories make this simple, spunky longarm the perfect quilting machine to customize and make your own.

Experience quality, precision, and a world of quilting possibilities. From baby quilts to king-size, the Handi Quilter Amara 20 is the perfect fit for your style of quilting. This 20-inch longarm machine comes with HQ Studio3 Frame (choose from 10-foot or 12-foot). Everything you need for free-motion quilting right out of the box (including a powerful stand-alone bobbin winder).

The Little Foot frame is compatible with the Amara 20

The creative possibilities of quilting are endless. Now, your longarm machine also provides endless opportunities. Introducing the HQ Infinity by Handi Quilter. Innovative features, from stitching speeds up to 3,100 precision stitches per minute to handlebars that can be tailored to how you like to quilt, establish the Infinity as best in class. Customizable settings, programmable presets and intuitive software give the Infinity the ability to work and grow with you.

HQ Infinity User Manual - Version 1.6 -- For HQ Infinity machines purchased AFTER September 14, 2015.
Price $4,995.00$11,985.00 $12,295.00$25,490.00 $20,495.00$32,490.00
Throat Size 15 inches 20 inches 26 inches
Frame & Frame Size HQ Little Foot Frame (14” x 48”), HQ Loft Frame (10′), HQ Loft Frame (8′) HQ Studio3 Frame (10′), HQ Studio3 Frame (12′) HQ Gallery2 Frame (10′), HQ Gallery2 Frame (12′), HQ Gallery2 Frame (14′)
Speed 1800 Stiches per minute 2,500 Stitches per minute 3100 Stiches per minute
Stitches per inch 4 to 18 4 to 24 4 to 24
Display size 1.44 inches 7 inch 7 inch
Pro-Stitcher Compatibility Pro-Stitcher Lite Compatible Pro-Stitcher Premium Compatible Pro-Stitcher Premium Compatible
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 26 in 40 × 16 × 28 in 36 × 36 × 36 in
Weight 58 lbs 98 lbs 60 lbs
Pro-Stitcher Add Pro-Stitcher, No Pro-Stitcher Add Pro-Stitcher, No Pro-Stitcher Add Pro-Stitcher, No Pro-Stitcher
Frame Loft Frame 8', Loft Frame 10', Little Foot Frame - -
Frame Size - HQ Studio3 Frame 10-foot, HQ Studio3 Frame 12-foot, HQ Little Foot Frame 10-foot HQ Gallery2 Frame, 12-foot HQ Gallery2 Frame