Handi Quilter Studio Educators

We care about your quilting experience. Our HQ Studio Educators are based in Salt Lake City. They offer retreats, training for HQ Retailers and phone support for quilters. Led by Education Coordinator Kelly Ashton, our educators also develop curriculum, film education videos (both for Facebook and YouTube presentations) and provide a quilter’s viewpoint for our engineers and product development team. We are devoted to educating quilters before AND AFTER the sale.

Meet our Studio Educators

Kristina Whitney

Kristina began quilting with her grandmother in the 1990’s. Her love of quilting continued to grow as she shared it with others in various states and countries. She pieced and quilted on her domestic machine until being introduced to longarm quilting in 2014. She began her longarm quilting experience on an HQ Avanté® with Pro-Stitcher®. After touching the Handi Quilter machine for the first time, she was hooked and currently quilts on her HQ Forte® with Pro-Stitcher.

She was selected to be a member of the Handi Quilter Quilt Your Desire Inspiration Squad in 2017 and has been featured in magazines, show programs, and on the Handi Quilter truck. Kristina is also a member of many local quilt guilds and enjoys continually learning and improving her skills.

She enjoys all types of longarm quilting including rulers, Pro-Stitcher, free-motion (she quilts for hire, for pleasure, and is working to complete 50 of her grandmother’s quilt tops). She loves to think outside of the box and to push herself to try new things

Download Kristina Whitney bio (PDF)

Kimberly Sandberg

Kim learned how to sew at an early age, making her own clothes way before #memade was popular. During her senior year of high school, she found a picture of a log cabin quilt, got out some graph paper, and drafted her first quilt. It took her 5 years to finish that quilt, but a curiosity of the craft blossomed into a passion.

In 2003, Kim started quilting on her home machine. From there, she graduated to quilting on a longarm in 2007. She became a professional longarm quilter in 2016, using her HQ Forte® with Pro-Stitcher® for everything from simple edge to edge designs to custom quilts. 

Kim helped on the development team for PS Designer and PS Catalog, and enjoys designing, editing and teaching all about this great software for quilters. Kim loves the process of choosing or creating designs to complement and highlight her piecing. 

Over the years, Kim evolved from a very traditional quilter to a more modern quilter. She began teaching classes in 2007, and loves passing on her passion and knowledge about all aspects of quilting to her students. Kim is the mother of two teenagers and lives in Utah, where she loves to hike with her dog in the beautiful mountains in the summer, and stay inside and quilt the rest of the year.

Download Kimberly Sandberg Bio (PDF)

Kelly Ashton

Kelly comes from a family of quilters. She’s been surrounded by quilters her whole life, helping her shape a real understanding of the craft she loves to share through her teaching. Her quilting resume includes projects ranging from simple piecing to complex needle turn applique, all finished on the many different models of Handi Quilter longarm machines she’s owned since 2007.

Kelly’s quilting journey began 30 years ago. She’s done everything from make quilts for the family reunion raffle to own and run a quilt shop, helping customers learn piecing and applique techniques and moved on to traveling around the world teaching quilters how to finish their quilts on a longarm.


She started with a more traditional style of quilting, but developed a more modern sensibility over the years, using her favorite tool – rulers – to bring precision and pop to her beautiful quilts. Kelly loves to share her passion for quilting through teaching. She spent 7 years as a National Educator, and is now the Education Manager at Handi Quilter.

Download Kelly Ashton Bio (PDF)

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