Handi Quilter Studio Educators

We care about your quilting experience. Our HQ Studio Educators are based in Salt Lake City. They offer retreats, training for HQ Retailers and phone support for quilters. Led by Education Coordinator Vicki Hoth, our educators also develop curriculum, film education videos (both for DVDs and YouTube presentations) and provide a quilter’s viewpoint for our engineers and product development team. We are devoted to educating quilters before AND AFTER the sale.

Meet our Studio Educators

Image of Studio Educator Johnny Barfuss

Johnny Barfuss

Johnny is a Utah native, and currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He joined the Handi Quilter family in early 2018. Johnny began working in the Handi Quilter testing lab, helping to develop new products for our customers, before joining the Studio Education team.  He's been quilting for more than 15 years, and his desire to quilt was influenced by his childhood. His Grandmother was a prolific quilter and his Mother was an accomplished seamstress, so much of his childhood was spent in fabric stores. A cherished memory of Johnny’s comes from lying under his Grandmother's quilt frame as she would tie her quilts.

Johnny’s quilting has mainly been self-taught, with his creativity guiding his designs, very rarely using a pattern. He remembers the first time he saw a longarm quilting machine in action and it was love at first sight.  He had a quilt juried into QuiltCon in 2018, and is a member of the local chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild.

Johnny’s love of quilting has lead him to teaching in the Handi Quilter Studio, where he enjoys sharing his passion with fellow quilters.

Image of Studio Educator and Quilt Your Desire Inspiration Squad Member Kristina Whitney

Kristina Whitney

Kristina is from Utah and quilts on an HQ Avanté + Pro-Stitcher.

As a young girl, Kristina was determined to win her grandmother’s exacting approval when it came to quilting. Years later, Kristina now finishes the quilts her grandmother cannot. She enjoys the opportunity to pay homage by finishing her grandmother’s quilt tops. 

Image of Studio Educator Kimberly Sandberg

Kimberly Sandberg

Growing up on a farm in Idaho, Kimberly was taught how to sew at an early age by her mother and both grandmothers. During her senior year of high school, she found a picture of a log cabin quilt, got out some graph paper, and drafted her first quilt. It took her 5 years to finish that quilt, but a lifelong love of the craft blossomed and she has never looked back.

In 2003, Kimberly attempted to quilt on her home machine for the first time and was hooked. From there, she graduated to a longarm in 2007. She became a professional longarm quilter in 2016. Using her HQ Avanté® with Pro-Stitcher®, she is able to create and quilt designs with precision and still add whimsical touches with free-motion quilting. She has quilted on many different brands of machines, but Handi Quilter is her favorite.

Whether quilting on her home machine or on a longarm, Kimberly loves the process of choosing designs to complement and highlight the piecing. Over the years, she has evolved from a very traditional quilter to a more modern quilter. She began teaching classes several years ago, and loves passing on her passion and knowledge about quilting to her students.

Kimberly is a member of The Utah Quilt Guild and The Modern Quilt Guild. She is the mother of two teenagers and lives in Utah, where she loves to hike with her dog in the beautiful mountains in the summer and stay inside and sew the rest of the year.

Image of Studio Educator Vicki Hoth

Vicki Hoth

Vicki has been a quilter since the early 1970's. Her extensive background in garment construction and quilt-related activities is essential to her role as an educator for Handi Quilter. Prior to joining Handi Quilter, Vicki managed a retail quilt and sewing machine store. She is currently the Education Coordinator for Handi Quilter Studio. Vicki helped create and develop the U of HQ Retreats, educating quilters on the capabilities of the HQ quilting machines. She also provides teaching services in the studio for new long-arm machine quilters and Handi Quilter Reps. Her skills motivate quilters of all abilities as she encourages and teaches the fundamentals of long-arm machine quilting. She teaches at quilting events throughout the United States and makes quilting fun and exciting. Vicki likes to encourage quilters to stretch their talents and try new techniques in their quilts. Her love of machine quilting is contagious. Click here to listen to Vicki Hoth, HQ Education Coordinator on American Pathwork & Quilting Radio hosted by Pat Sloan. Click here to download the podcast.

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