What is HQ Academy Virtual Sneak Peek?

That’s a great question!

Handi Quilter LOVES to provide the premium quilting education you need to get the most out of your longarm quilting machine. We want you to know and love your machine and, most of all, to be having fun finishing more quilts. There are many ways we accomplish that from

YouTube videos,

to in-store events,

 hands on classes all over the world,

Kim Brunner Academy

to retreats at the HQ headquarters.

But the premier event of the year is

HQ Academy

This year we had to postpone Academy from June til November.

We are sad that we will not see all your smiling faces this month, as we’re sure you are sad too. So we are hosting HQ Virtual Academy Sneak Peek.

It’s a one day (June 19, 2020) virtual event that features 4 classes to give you a taste of what HQ Academy is all about.

If you’ve never been to HQ Academy and wonder what kind of classes happen there, here’s your chance to find out. Classes will be 1 hour 45 minutes each. We will have a short 15-minute break between classes 1 & 2, a 1-hour break for lunch, then another 15-minute break between classes 3 & 4. Each class will include a live Question and Answer session with the teacher. When you register you will get access to a private Facebook group. Handouts will be available in the Facebook group to download and print out at your home.  If you can’t attend on June 19, you can watch the classes anytime after that day. In fact, you can watch the classes over and over again. The classes will be available for you to watch as long as Facebook supports the group.

Purchase a ticket.

The cost is only $99. Ticket sales end June 17, 2020, so book in now! Go HERE to see the class descriptions and purchase your ticket to HQ Virtual Academy Sneak Peek.

by Mary Beth Krapil