by Mary Beth Krapil

An update on my 2018 resolution to finish some quilts here.

So, I need to ask you, if you bought fabric for a project, but never even started the project. It is still in the “Fabric On The Shelf” stage. Is that a UFO? Let me explain.

A while back, (we’re talking about 2 years, give or take), I bought this fabulous fabric with cute kitschy kitchen sayings on it and the coordinating tableware fabric. It’s from Ink and Arrow. I bought it with the intention to make something for my friend who cooks. I mean she really cooks, as in gourmet meals. I love to visit her!

Well, I finally got around to making her some place mats. And, of course, I used my Infinity with Pro-Stitcher to do it.

Here is my process:

1. I load batting as if it was backing. Yes, you can do this! Just be gentle and be careful not to stretch it.

2. In this case, the fabric is cute enough to really stand on its’ own, so minimal piecing was required. I placed cut rectangles of  black fabric face up on the batting. I placed a smaller rectangle of yellow fabric face down on top of the black, aligning the right edges (and top and bottom edges). I used my channel lock to stitch vertically, 1/4″ from the raw edge on the right. Then I flipped the yellow fabric to the right and finger pressed the seam. I made 4 of these.

3. I basted the edges of the place mats. Then I quilted a simple geometric design on each one. I used black So Fine! thread by Superior Threads.

4. I placed a piece of black fabric (large enough to cover all 4 place mats)  right side down over the quilted place mats.

5. I used Pro-Stitcher to  stitch an outline of a place mat with rounded corners and an opening at one side (for turning). I digitized this design using Art and Stitch. It was so easy to do!

Hopefully you can see the design of the place mat outline?


This is an awesome way to make place mats because it avoids binding! After all,who wants to stitch all that binding?  The only draw back is that the backing of the place mat is loose, because it is not quilted. However, I had a brain storm while making this set. I used fusible batting! I loaded the backing with the fusible side facing the floor, so that when I turned the place mats the fusible would be against the back.

6. After all 4 outlines were stitched, I removed from the leaders, took to my cutting board and trimmed around the outline leaving 1/4″ all the way around.

7. I turned them right sides out through the opening, being careful to push all the edges out nicely. I took them to my iron and pressed using steam to activate the fusible stuff on the batting. I turned the 1/4″ at the opening to the inside and pressed. I took them to my HQ Stitch 710 sewing machine and top stitched all the way around the outside, about 1/8″ from the edge. This closedthe opening and made the edges more stable.

The fusible batting made the place mats look nice and crisp and I think they will wash better and not need as much pressing after washing. Time will tell!

If you’d like the Pro-Stitcher .hqf design for the place mat outline, it will be included in my collection on the Pro-Stitcher in the next update of designs.

So, I have just added  another finish to my tally of finishing for 2018! It feels really good. What have you finished lately? Please share in the comments to inspire fellow readers.