There is a new group of quilts hanging in the Handi Quilter gallery that I’d like to share with you.  They are the work of St George, UT artist, Margaret Abramshe.

Salt Lake City, UT

Since retiring from her career as a public school educator, Margaret uses her time to create stunning art quilts from photographs.

Salt Lake City, UT

Using vintage photographs from family albums she starts with a digital image and uses photo manipulation software to create her composition. She then sends her images to a commercial fabric printer. When the fabric returns she uses dyes, paints, and quilting stitches to bring her quilts to life. Margaret quilts on a Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen machine.

Her quilts are truly amazing in person. You are welcome to visit the Handi Quilter gallery at our headquarters in Salt Lake City to see them yourself. Call ahead to be sure the display has not changed. 877-697-8458

Margaret Abramshe

Margaret says. “Every art quilt I make has a rich subtext – a hidden story.” Wouldn’t you love to sit with her and hear the stories behind these quilts?

Learn more about Margaret on her YouTube channel.

by Mary Beth Krapil