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We have introduced a lot of new things lately here at Handi Quilter, so I thought I’d fill you in on what’s new. I wouldn’t want you to miss anything!

I’ll start with storage solutions.

Purple Bobbins

whats new

These beautiful bobbins are a gorgeous shade of Handi Quilter purple. You get 30 bobbins packaged in a storage case with an insert that keeps all your bobbins neat and tidy. They are EZ-wind slotted M class bobbins perfect for all Handi Quilter longarm machines and the height of bobbin fashion!

Bobbin Tree

what's new

The HQ Bobbin Tree provides stacked storage for M-class bobbins. You can see all your thread colors and know right away if you have a filled bobbin with the right thread. This is a Handi Quilter exclusive!

HQ InSight Table Drawer

Add extra storage for all your essential quilting tools. The drawer can be added to one or both sides of your InSight table.  All your stuff will be right at your fingertips.

Speaking of the InSight table…..

HQ InSight Table Extension

It’s important when quilting with a stationary machine (like the Capri) to keep your quilt supported by the table. That avoids drag and makes it easier to move the quilt under the needle.  You can add 18 inches of space to your InSight table with a table extension. They have the same slick surface as your InSight table, pop up when you need them and fold down for storage. You can add one to each side of the table!

Speaking of the InSight table, there’s great news for Sweet Sixteen owners!

HQ InSight Table for the HQ Sweet Sixteen

If your Sweet is Tru-Stitch ready, (find out by calling your HQ retailer), you can upgrade your stitch regulation by adding the InSight table. It has built-in stitch regulation! The new table has an insert that is custom sized for your HQ Sweet Sixteen and has the stitch regulation sensors built in. They sense the motion of the fabric as you move the quilt sandwich.  If your Sweet is a little older, some can become compatible with an upgrade.

There’s also a couple of new tools.

Handi Iron-Off Pencils

I love these for marking on darker fabrics! They make a nice, easily seen mark that will not dust off like chalk. But once you want it to go away just touch with a hot iron and the mark is gone. We all need guidelines every now and then.

Here’s something you probably haven’t seen yet:

Handi Felting Foot Kit

The Handi Felting Foot Kit puts a modern twist on an old way of creating embellished fabric by meshing fibers together so they interlock and become one. The kit includes a needle body that holds 5 barbed needles that will punch through the fibers and mesh them together and a special foot that will protect your fingers and hold the fibers in place as you work. Felting is a ton of fun! The possibilties of what you can create are endless.

We also have some new on-line fun. I’m sure your familiar with weekly Handi Tips and monthly HQ Live, ways HQ provides learning and inspiration. Here’s some new ones:

Shop@Home LIVE

Join us on Facebook Live every Tuesday at 12 Noon Mountain Time. We’ll be sharing quilting tips, showing you live demonstrations of Handi Quilter products AND offering tremendous deals, just like you’d see at a quilt show! We even have giveaways, extra limited-time offers, and free shipping in the continental US. Ask Kelly and our Studio Educators questions and we’ll answer them live. HQ Shop@Home – tune in, learn something new, and save big! You might even win a prize. It airs right on our Facebook fan page,

If you don’t follow us yet, be sure to click the “LIKE” button so that you’ll be in the know about all things Handi Quilter.

Here’s a little sneak peak, something that hasn’t been announced yet but will be coming soon.

HQ Learn@Home

HQ Learn@Home will be an in-depth set of classes on a particular topic. You will purchase a ticket and get access to some of the best educators teaching inspiring classes. You will have a chance to watch the classes on-line and then on a designated day you can participate in a live Q&A session with the instructors. Your ticket gives you lifetime access to your purchased classes. Learn@Home will start in September, so watch social media and your HQ newsletter for more information.

So that’s what’s new around HQ, what’s new with you?

by Mary Beth Krapil



Shop @ Home LIVE

Shop @ Home Live!  If you’re on Facebook you probably already know about this fun new event that Handi Quilter hosts on our Facebook page each week.

If not, I’m gonna get you up to speed!

It happens every Tuesday at 2p Eastern, 1p Central, Noon Mountain, and 11a Pacific time.

It is on our Facebook fan page.

It’s a LIVE video filled with quilting tips and education. You can ask questions in the comments. Some questions are answered LIVE on the air and others are answered in the comments.

There are chances to win a prize!

Every week we feature a special item at a super special price. The presenters will tell you all about the item and it’s features and how to use it. You get your questions answered by an expert and you can purchase right from the comfort and safety of home.

Do you like to support your local Handi Quilter retailer? No worries! Just let us know and the sale will get credited to your local retailer just as if you bought it in their shop.

Please join us for Shop @ Home LIVE! You’ll be glad you did.

P.S. if you can’t make it live, you can watch any time later. A recording will stay on our Facebook page. You can also enjoy the special pricing because it will stay in effect til Sunday at Midnight Mountain time. We’ve got you covered.


New Easy-Fit Ruler Base

Handi Quilter released a redesigned, easier-to-use ruler base at Spring Quilt Market last week — the Easy-Fit Ruler Base. There is a version of the Easy-Fit Ruler Base for the HQ Avanté, HQ Fusion, and HQ Sixteen.

Because of the nature of aluminum machine castings and the variable paint thickness, on occasion there was a mismatch between a ruler base and the machine. Well, that will happen no more!

Plus there is no longer a need to flex the ruler base when installing it on the machine. The new ruler base is made from a more rigid acrylic because the new design makes it easier to attached to the machine. You simply set the ruler base over the front of the machine and slide it back. If your machine has some variance in paint thickness, the fit of the ruler base can be customized using different thicknesses of Velcro loop tape.

This video features HQ studio educators Vicki Hoth and Marie Eldredge as they demonstrate using the new ruler base, as well as how to customize the fit.

You can purchase the new ruler base from the authorized Handi Quilter retailer in your area, or online.

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Installing HQ Pro-Stitcher Version 91


Handi Quilter regularly releases software updates to HQ Pro-Stitcher. These updates are free to Pro-Stitcher owners. Installing the most recent versions (version 91 and version 92) are unique in that you select the version based on the type of Pro-Stitcher tablet you have. Note that the Pro-Stitcher software is the same in both versions, but the installation process is different.

Handi Quilter recommends that you stay current with the Pro-Stitcher software updates as we make ongoing improvements and add new capabilities.

If you have an Asus EEEPC, an Acer W500, or an HP Omni tablet, you will install version 92. Do not install version 91 because it will make changes to the computer’s operating system. Install version 92 using the standard update process described in the HQ Pro-Stitcher user manual. You can also refer to the installation document on the Handi Quilter website.

However, if you have an Acer W700 or Acer Aspire Switch 11, you must install version 91.

Since installing version 91 is a little bit more involved, educational coordinator Vicki Hoth and support technical Cathie Zimmerman prepared a video that shows you how to install version 91.There are alsowritten instructions on the Handi Quilter website.

And, of course, if you run into difficulties or have questions, contact your local Handi Quilter retailer. If you need further assistance, you are welcome to contact Handi Quilter technical solutions at: 1-877-MY-QUILT (697-8458).

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Quilt Finishing Tip: HQ Little Foot Frame

Since launching the HQ Simply Sixteen and the HQ Little Foot Frame, we’ve had some questions about what to do when you get to the end of the quilt. How do you finish the last row before taking off the quilt.

The number one thing to remember is that you need to make sure you have sufficient extra backing fabric length to enable the fabric to be clamped to the pole and the machine to get to the bottom of the quilt.

But rather than read more here, why not watch and listen to HQ studio educator Marie Eldredge as she discusses finishing your quilt on the HQ Little Foot Frame.

Feel free to share in the comments below any tips and tricks you’ve learned from using the HQ Little Foot Frame.

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