Handi Quilter regularly releases software updates to HQ Pro-Stitcher. These updates are free to Pro-Stitcher owners. Installing the most recent versions (version 91 and version 92) are unique in that you select the version based on the type of Pro-Stitcher tablet you have. Note that the Pro-Stitcher software is the same in both versions, but the installation process is different.

Handi Quilter recommends that you stay current with the Pro-Stitcher software updates as we make ongoing improvements and add new capabilities.

If you have an Asus EEEPC, an Acer W500, or an HP Omni tablet, you will install version 92. Do not install version 91 because it will make changes to the computer’s operating system. Install version 92 using the standard update process described in the HQ Pro-Stitcher user manual. You can also refer to the installation document on the Handi Quilter website.

However, if you have an Acer W700 or Acer Aspire Switch 11, you must install version 91.

Since installing version 91 is a little bit more involved, educational coordinator Vicki Hoth and support technical Cathie Zimmerman prepared a video that shows you how to install version 91.There are alsowritten instructions on the Handi Quilter website.

And, of course, if you run into difficulties or have questions, contact your local Handi Quilter retailer. If you need further assistance, you are welcome to contact Handi Quilter technical solutions at: 1-877-MY-QUILT (697-8458).