5 Tips for Stitch in the Ditch

by Mary Beth Krapil   Let me answer a few Q's to get us started. Q: What is "the ditch"? A: The ditch is formed by the seam between two pieces of fabric. A pieced quilt top has lots of ditches.   Q: Why do I want to stitch in it? A: Ditch stitching defines [...]

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2016 Handi Quilter’s Academy: Quilting Elevated

  We have just completed the fourth annual Handi Quilter's Academy: Quilting Elevated, our premier educational event focused on machine quilting. This year we welcomed more than 150 quilters, who chose from 63 classes -- both hands-on and lecture-demo. We had an international group -- including five from Spain, four from Australia, and one from [...]

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Installing HQ Pro-Stitcher Version 91

  Handi Quilter regularly releases software updates to HQ Pro-Stitcher. These updates are free to Pro-Stitcher owners. Installing the most recent versions (version 91 and version 92) are unique in that you select the version based on the type of Pro-Stitcher tablet you have. Note that the Pro-Stitcher software is the same in both versions, [...]

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Why HQ Pro-Stitcher Simulation?

About a year ago, Handi Quilter added a simulation mode to HQ Pro-Stitcher. Here's what we love about the simulation mode: 1. You can disconnect the Pro-Stitcher tablet from the quilting machine, but still use Pro-Stitcher to get ready for quilting out your design -- or combination of designs. You set up the quilting plan [...]

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Get to Know HQ National Educator: Megan Best

Megan Best has always loved fabrics, and made her first quilt while in high school. She continued to foster this love throughout her education, achieving degrees in apparel design and merchandising/textiles. Thousands of quilts later, she still loves to create. Megan's career in the fabric industry includes experience in fabric stores, retail management, quilt shop [...]

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