Basic Things

Sometimes we take for granted the really basic things and forget how important they are in our lives.

There have been many times in my career as both a pharmacist and a HQ Educator that I have learned to remember the basics and to explain, completely, the process I am trying to relate. Just that one tiny piece of information can make all the difference. Here’s an example: As a very new pharmacist, a Mom came to me with her sunburned child and asked what she should do for him. I suggested she put the child in the bathtub with some baking soda. She called the pharmacy a bit later and asked if she should sprinkle the baking soda on her kid, or just put it in the tub and have the child lay on it. Water. That one basic thing I took for granted and did not say to add baking soda to the WATER in the bath tub. (You can’t make this stuff up).

I have heard questions in the quilting world that would not have come up IF the Basic Things were explained.

So here are a few of the basic things when it come to longarm quilting.

Turn your machine on properly.

It is important to turn your machine on and let it completely boot up before you start to quilt. These machines have software components that need to complete their start up procedures in order for the machine to work the way it should.

I unplug my machine any time it is not being used. So first, I plug it in. I plug it in to a battery back-up surge protector. I like for my electronic equipment to be as protected as possible from fluctuations in power. Please consult your local geek (computer expert) for what kind and where to purchase.


Then I turn on the switch at the back of the machine.

Next, I go to the front of the machine and turn on the power switch there. While my machine is booting up, I use the time to change to the thread I will be using that day.

Once I am sure my machine is ready, I turn on my Pro-Stitcher tablet and allow it to completely boot up. While that is happening, I wind my bobbins and clean and oil my bobbin race.

Place the drop of oil where it belongs

Speaking of oiling, it is important to oil the bobbin race in the right place for the oil to be able to do its job. One drop of oil goes on the little ledge at the front of the bobbin race. (See photo)

One tiny drop of oil every time you change the bobbin is all it takes to keep things running smoothly.

Shut your machine down properly

If you quilt with Pro-Stitcher, shut it down first.

Go to the File Tab > Shut Down button and choose Shut Down from the menu

Wait til the screen goes black. While you are waiting you can dust off your table and remove any stray threads from your tracks and your wheels. You will be glad you did the next time you quilt.

Once the PSP screen is black, press the front power button on the machine. Move to the back of the machine and turn off the power at the back, then unplug.

There you go. Basic things, but oh, so important. Stay tuned, more basics to come.

Oh! And please use sunscreen.

by Mary Beth Krapil