Syndicated from the HQ Stitch Blog, with some edits – Written by Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador

Quilters hail from all walks of life and Handi Quilter is celebrating that fact with a new campaign, “And I Quilt.”

We’ve selected a group of 15 quilters across North America to show us who they are, what they do, and how they enjoy using their Handi Quilter longarm machines. They are beginners, experts, and artists. From every walk of life, they are unique, talented, and inspiring!

A few of the And I Quilt Inspiration Team members

We’re traveling across the country to film these stories, and in the process we’ll invite you to tell your own And I Quilt story.

On Wednesday, August 28, we premiered the first full-length feature will premiere featuring Kelsey Cooley and her mom Janie in Flint, Texas. Watch the video here, and sign up here to get a FREE Handi Quilter cutting mat AND get notified when new videos are released!

There are also previews up for Dorien Keusseyan from Arlington, Massachusetts—a hockey player!— and Jeresther Thorpe-Page from Nashville, a school principal.

It’s such a cool idea to think about what “other lives” quilters have, don’t you think? I can’t wait to watch these stories unfold.

As each quilt artist is featured, Handi Quilter will run a special on a product the artist uses. There will be some great deals!

And whether you’re a longarm quilter or a domestic machine user, inspiration will abound.

On Instagram, you’ll find images under #andiquilt. This is going to be so much fun!