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Your Quilting Confidence Starts HERE

August 12, 2023


Longarm quilting can be intimidating. We’ve all been a little scared when we first started, but confident quilters create better quilts, regardless of skill. Skill comes with time and practice. First, you have to have the confidence to jump in there and start.


You are in luck if you purchase a Handi Quilter longarm, because you are not alone. You don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. We are here to give you the confidence you need.

We have multiple resources to help you get started on your longarm adventure.

HQ Retailers

It all starts with our local retailers. HQ has 400+ retailers in the US (and more worldwide) where you can visit to test-drive and compare machines. Our retailers provide delivery, set-up, and training. And they are a great resource of ongoing help and support. To assure high standards of customer care, Handi Quilter has a program called HQ Way. The program provides benchmarks for superior service to our consumers. When a retailer attains these benchmarks, they are awarded the HQ Way Award. It’s one of the things that makes Handi Quilter the #1 manufacturer of longarm machines in the world for many years running. Local support is always best.


The Education Team

HQ has a goal to help you finish quilts. To do that you need to learn how to use your machine. That’s where the education team comes in.

It’s a great team with LOTS of players!

Studio Educators

The studio educators are the team that works at Handi Quilter headquarters in Salt Lake City. They run retreats, hands-on education events, throughout the year.

They film HQ Watch and Learn videos that play on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. There is a new episode every Tuesday!


Also, they are there to answer questions and give help over the phone.


National Educators

The national educators are a team of 40+ professional quilters who travel near and far to bring world-class Handi Quilter classes to your local retail shop, right in your backyard.

Technical Solutions

This is a team of guys and gals who know your machine inside and out. If it’s a technical question, you can send a message or give a call to this smart team. They are also a great resource to your retailer when they are troubleshooting a issue with a machine. Email

Social Media

You have resources even at 2am!


We have a very deep YouTube channel. All you need to do is go to our channel and search for your topic. There will likely be more than one video to help.

Handi Quilter Community Facebook Group

The group is a super active, full of quilters, just like you who are happy to help. Ask questions, share your successes and projects, get help and a sympathetic ear, and also share your own knowledge to help others who are just getting started. Be sure to join the community.

Have confidence

So you see, you are not alone! You are surrounded by multiple teams of experts. There is always a resource for you to find help. No mater what your question is.

Stop wondering if you’re good enough. Know you are. Start acting like it.

Our goal is to help you finish more quilts by providing you with the equipment, the training, and the inspiration. You’ve got this!

Quilt Every Day!

by Mary Beth Krapil

Written by

August 12th, 2023

Longarm quilting can be intimidating. We’ve all been a little scared when we first started, but confident quilters create better quilts, regardless of skill. Skill comes with time and practice. […]

3 responses to “Your Quilting Confidence Starts HERE”

  1. Hi, I’m new to longarm quilting. I’m working my dream job at a local quilt store and am a very basic beginner. The owner of the store has been teaching me and tells me I’m almost there meaning I’m almost ready work long arm on my own, Trouble is, I’m stuck. I’m stuck in knowing how to begin a new quilt. what tab to tap, etc. So I wait for the owner to return to the store, she’s not there everyday. could you please suggest or direct me to some videos on very basic beginning quilting with the longarm. We have a Hand quilter Forte in the store. Thanks so much, I really want to be a huge success at this but need guidance. Thanks.

    • Hi Carol! Congratulations on your new job. You can find tons of videos on under the Learn tab. You should also visit the Handi Quilter YouTube channel and the Pro-Stitcher YouTube channel. Videos on just about every quilting topic you can imagine!

  2. I love my Amara but feel insecure about the Prostitcher. I love free motion and pantograph quilting so for now that is what I will work on.

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