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Quilting For a Special Little Boy

August 29, 2020


Jeresther Thorpe, And I Quilt personality, Principal, Mom, and Quilter, joins us again this week with her story of quilting for a special little boy. She shared a couple of weeks ago just what quilting means to her and what she gets from quilting. Sometimes we are called to do something hard, something big, something important. Quilters have what it takes! Here is Jeresther’s story:

Quilting For a Special Little Boy

As I shared, I find healing, peace, joy, celebration, and life in quilting, which is why most of my quilting (completed quilts) are done and gifted to others. This summer, I was honored to participate in a “Dream Come True” room makeover project for a special little boy.

Earlier in the school year, I nominated a student from my school for this special project. He had lost both of his parents to gun violence, most recently his mother this past October. This little guy, six years old, had now lost both of his parents. Of course, he was struggling with sleeping at night, and he spent many days and weeks following his mom’s death in my office, curled up in one of my blankets or quilts for a short nap, a safe place to rest.

A service project for teen leaders

In my nomination, I wrote, if we could give K.S. a room or space specifically designed to provide him with a place to rest, dream, and hope, it would be life-changing. He needed to feel warmth, love, and security again; then, he could rest and begin to dream again. Needless to say, he was selected, and the project theme was formed. The “Dream Come True” Room Makeover Edition of the Southeastern Regional Teen Conference Service Project of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Teen leaders from 5 States raised over $4000 for K.S.’s room make-over.

Due to the pandemic, there were many delays with product and material deliveries. But it didn’t stop a determined mom, principal, and designer fueled by a group of teens wanting to make this happen!

Quilt for a specail little boy

Making it special

As we were getting to know K.S. and gain a better understanding of his home life, the sadness and loss was woven in the very fabric of their lives, his little brother, his grandmother now caretaker, and his life and living space. Even though we had connected K.S. to a special program and summer camp designed to support his grief and healing, as well as family counseling, the family was struggling with moving forward and managing his mother’s personal items and things. So the designer and I were asked to find a healthy way to honor his mother’s memory within his room design.

The designer created a memory box to house and display small keepsakes. I was asked to make a memory quilt for K.S. His grandmother had gathered a few of his mom’s clothing items; her favorite pajama shirt, a work shirt, a t-shirt, and her favorite comfy dress.

As a mom, principal, and quilter, my heart was overwhelmed with the honor of this request and the need to make it as special as humanly possible.  And then I had a quilter’s panic attack.

An important quilt

Oh, my goodness did I!  Now, remember, I find life and healing in quilting, and it was time to bring those energies forward. But all I could do was pray. For a moment, I was so afraid that I could not do it.

This quilt was so special and the fabric of his mother’s memories. At age six, he doesn’t fully understand his grandmother’s request.  To have these special fabrics, a shirt, PJs, and a dress, made into a quilt, but one day he will. And I thought, “Can I do it justice?” I am a newbie in so many ways; this quilt deserves a world-famous, highly experienced quilter. I started looking for my rolodex. And then I saw his little face. All those weeks he spent curled up with a quilt or blanket in my office trying to find a few minutes of escape from his sadness and loss.


I remembered why I quilt, and I knew I had to make him this quilt. More importantly, I knew it would be perfectly wonderful. Because in the many nights to come, K.S. would be able to wrap himself in a quilt that would bring him warmth, sweet memories, and dreams. Each stitch, pieced and quilted, was a prayer for K.S. that all of his dreams will come true.

With hope for a better tomorrow.

Thank you Jeresther for summoning your quilter super powers and rising to the task of quilting for a special little boy. And thank you for sharing your story. I know it will inspire our readers.

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August 29th, 2020

Jeresther Thorpe, And I Quilt personality, Principal, Mom, and Quilter, joins us again this week with her story of quilting for a special little boy. She shared a couple of […]

8 responses to “Quilting For a Special Little Boy”

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I know that this quilt will always mean the world to him, and I know that every stitch you put into it was a piece of you and a blessing for that child. You and those that help this and other families are so special. This is why we quilters make those charity quilts…..we get to enjoy our craft and the making, and so many recipients enjoy the of the gift !

  2. What a beautiful story! I also make quilts and gift them to individuals. He will grow to appreciate what you and the others have done for him. You are an inspiration to me! Thank you!

  3. Wow, thanks Jeresther for sharing this challenge. When tragedy strikes, we all seek for meaningful ways to bring comfort to those affected. Your contribution will be a wonderful thing for K.S. He won’t be concerned that a stitch is out of place or that the quilt pattern doesn’t fit or the blocks straight. Just having those fabrics in a form that he can wrap around himself in difficult times will keep the sweet memories of his mother alive for so many years to come. It will be precious.

  4. That is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing the story. What a tragedy and trauma for 2 sweet boys. I think when we go to our beds, that is when the body is not active like in the daytime and there is time to dwell on sad things then. What a wonderful thing to make a Dream Come True room with new walls to stare at full of wonder and a security blanket. There could not be more appropriate gifts and to take your own personal time for this boy has surely resulted in true joy for everyone involved! God bless you all and especially the booys.

  5. People like this are the ones who will have the greatest impact on us – make the greatest difference – one life at a time, but touching so many others in the process. Praying everyone involved will be blessed.

  6. Aww, Jeresther, what a beautiful loving gift you made for that little boy. Thank you for giving of your time, love and talent. I know the joy of giving a quilt. I like to make the for the babies of the babies I taught. God has blessed you with a talent and you use it to provide for others. You are a true Christian and I love you. .

  7. Thank you for sharing the story of a broken heart and loving hearts who want to bring healing. Bless you for putting prayer and love into his life.

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