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NOTE: Assembly is required. Not compatible with original HQ Avante or HQ Fusion frames with curved back legs. Screwdriver is not included. All other required tools provided.

What will you keep in YOUR Secret Drawer?

Take advantage of the open space under your longarm frame by installing My Secret Drawer. Store up to 96 cones of thread or your entire ruler and template collection.


Compatible with most HQ Studio®, HQ Studio2®, HQ Studio3®, HQ Gallery®, and HQ Gallery2® frames.

My Secret Drawer Features:

  • Beautifully designed to blend right in
  • Easy-open design with smooth glides
  • Choose front or back access installation
  • Install up to 3 drawers per 12-foot frame (Note: Drawers clear the batting storage pole, but not the roll of batting. If you store batting on your frame, we recommend installing only one drawer.)
  • Rated at 100 lbs
  • Zinc-plated hardware resists corrosion

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 22 × 5.5 in
Frame Style

Studio/Studio2/Studio3, Gallery/Gallery2, Little Foot Frame

17 reviews for My Secret Drawer

  1. Kevin Lacy

    I just installed one of these drawers on my wife’s Studio 2 frame. She likes it so much, she has ordered a second one. The drawer slides are high quality and the drawer opens and closes with ease even when fully loaded. The drawer was easy to assemble and install, only requiring a second person to mount the drawer in the frame. There were however a couple of minor issues with the kit. One of the drawer slides was missing two of the nuts and bolts holding it to the side, one set was in the box, the other not to be found. I was only able to find a longer bolt of the correct size at the local hardware stores, so I needed to shorten it myself. Also, two of the holes on the drawer bottom were not threaded all the way through and I need to switch with two of the shorter bolts from the back. Overall a well-designed, quality product.

  2. diannerankin

    Nowhere in the product description does it say that the drawer arrives in pieces and must be assembled. For the price, We expected it to come assembled. I don’t know who wrote the assembly instructions, but they certainly are not a technical writer. The instructions are written in “caveman speak” and are not correct in a few instances. I did a much better job by disregarding the instructions and assembling the drawer logically. Once I assembled he drawer it seems stout enough, but exterior surfaces were scratched and dirty. It is not at all of the quality we have come to expect from Handi Quilter.

    • Brenda

      Thanks for pointing out that we neglected to state the important fact that some assembly was required for this product. We’ve corrected that and have used your comment as an impetus to audit all of our products. Sometimes, we’re working so closely with things that we forget the obvious. I appreciate you letting us know and I’m sorry that we disappointed you.

      With regard to the quality of the drawer pieces, we’d be happy to replace those scratched pieces. I realize that it would be a pain to disassemble and reassemble, but if you want new pieces, please just let us know by writing to I will alert our quality control team to look carefully at the stock we have. I’m very sorry that you had these problems. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to make it right.

  3. Jeanne Clark

    My husband quickly assembled and installed the drawer on my Little Foot frame. Only one will fit on it, otherwise I would already have a second one. My thread is so organized now. I used the long narrow boxes made for organizing 2 1/2” fabric strips to hold my thread. Perfect.

  4. Mary Harper

    It looks like you have a quality control problem. I’m surprise no one caught it packing the item in. It appears on the wood part, (Front of drawer) the metal that was screwed with screws one cracked the screw area. I’m hoping that I can send in the pictures so the one part can be replaced. I was so disappointed that I will have to wait for my 5 footer drawer to finish up. Please send a replacement part ASAP. I know your a quality company and time to time things can slip through the cracks. Please let me know when you can address my problem. Thanks

    • schoenfelda

      Hi Mary,

      Our Customer Relations team should have reached out to you. Let me know if not.



  5. Cynthia Coffin

    Very disappointed that it is not compatible with the first generation slant legged frame. I bought one, luckily I checked your website before taking it out of the box. Sadly, I’ll have to return it.

  6. Bonnie Floyd (verified owner)

    My very handy husband spent the better part of 4 hours trying to get the drawer installed and it will not stay on glide or slide easily at all! He finally gave up. The instructions were no help!

    • schoenfelda

      Hi Bonnie,

      I am so sorry to hear that! I would recommend reaching out to our customer relations team to see if they can help with this. If it is an issue with the product we can get that resolved for you. You can reach them at 801.292.7988.



  7. Gary

    These are GREAT Drawers. My wife Loves them! Easy to install, Directions were clear. Put 3 drawers on the Studio2 Frame.

  8. Kathy Carter

    I LOVE my drawer!! I was so pleased that I was actually able to do all of the assembly and installation myself.
    It never even dawned on me to store my quilting thread in the drawer. Now all I need to do is order another one.

  9. Susan Hawbecker (verified owner)

    I am so disappointed with my secret drawer. First of all the instruction video fails to mention that the drawer will arrive in pieces. The written instructions are difficult to understand and of little value.. None of that compares with trying to install the drawer . My husband and I have spent hours and hours trying to adjust the drawer and keep it from coming off the slides. I very much feel that this is an inferior product and that the slides are not adequate to support the drawers. I expected so much more from Handi Quilter.

    • schoenfelda

      Hi Susan,

      I am so sorry to hear that! Please reach out to our customer relations team using the phone number or email in the top left corner of the website and they can assist you with getting this resolved.

  10. Heather

    Bought two of these for my Avante. I love these drawers! These slide easily and hold a lot of thread and other items.

  11. Linda Natale

    I love the Secret drawers. Ordered one to start with. I. Agree with other comments. Instructions were not clear. But with help from Handiquilter team got it installed correctly. I have since bought two more drawers. Since it would be hard to access all three drawers from the front of the frame (batting covers area) , I installed one in front for marking tools, scissors, etc. The other two open in the rear. The drawers are sturdy, very roomy and great to have a storage area close at hand.

    I would like to have a false back to finish off the table so I don’t see the back of the drawers Guess I’ll have to have a carpenter work on that project.

  12. Chatty Kathy (verified owner)

    I LOVE my drawers!! I got my first one with the purchase of my Amara, several months later when they had a promotional I ordered the second one.

    I assembled both of mine aaaaaaall by myself, It did take me while but I sure was proud of myself when I had them completely installed and they both worked perfectly. Take your time. read the directions and it should all go smoothly. #girlpower

  13. Sally Francisco (verified owner)

    I am 66 years old and my husband is handicapped therefore whatever I order I have to assemble myself, This was amazingly simple to install. I had it fully assembled and installed in 1 hour. I am so please with the ease of installation, (the instructions were spot on) and I am ordering 2 more for my 12 ft. studio frame. Thank you

  14. Lillian Shaver (verified owner)

    Love, love the 2 drawers. The first one probably took an hour and a half to install, but the second one took about 45 minutes. The secret is to not tighten the hardware until you’re told to in the instructions, especially on the brackets that are attached to the table. They’re huge!! Only complaint was one screw was missing that holds the center brace, but I should be able to get one at Home Depot.

  15. Joan E Mills (verified owner)

    I am so glad i purchased this drawer… space is perfect, and iI could not be happier with the product. HOWEVER…..I rated it a 4 ONLY for the directions/instructions to put it together. I find it lacking throughout any product that I have purchased. That said, I even watched the video (which was much better explanation, step by step) and my drawer closed 3 inches behind the top …..I rewatched that video 3 times and had followed it exactly…….long story short, I took the drawer out, unscrewed the slides from the side and repositioned them to different holes than what the video said and showed, then put my drawer back in and it is perfect! I love the amount of storage and quality of this drawer, I am ordering a second one!!!

  16. Michelle Bik

    I have just installed 2 drawers on my frame. Very easy to do. I used the instruction book and I had no difficulty understanding the diagrams.

  17. Nancy S (verified owner)

    I love my secret drawer…..holds a ton of stuff and is easy to install. I will say I benefited much more from the installation video by Johnny than the written instructions. Check out that video for better understanding of what to do.

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