Korean Quilt Exhibit – AQS Daytona

by Mary Beth Krapil There was a wonderful collection of Korean Quilts at the American Quilter's Society show in Daytona, FL in February.       "The Studio Art Quilt Associates of the Republic of Korea was founded in 2010. This exhibit features a variety of art quilt techniques that the group studied over the [...]

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Introducing our newest Handi Quilter Ambassador, Karlee Porter

by Mary Beth Krapil   Karlee Porter is a Utah based quilter, graphic designer, hand-letterer, best-selling author and internationally recognized free-motion quilting teacher. She is best know for her book, Graffiti Quilting. She has been quilting since 2009, but an artist all her life. She graduated in 2017 with an Art Degree from Weber State [...]

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We Love Color!

by Mary Beth Krapil We love color, especially bright color! Handi Quilter and allpeoplequilt.com have partnered to bring you a free, downloadable booklet, Color Play: Simple Quilts, Spectacular Quilting. This series of nine quilts feature free patterns and quilting designs from quilter and Handi Quilter Educator, Marie Eldredge. Keep an eye out throughout 2018 for videos detailing Marie’s process and how-tos. We [...]

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Edgy Quilts

by Mary Beth Krapil I had the fun of attending the American Quilter's Society show in Daytona Beach a couple of weeks ago. It was a wonderful show with great vendors and spectacular quilts and of course the location speaks for itself. I mean, really, who doesn't want to be in sunny Florida at the [...]

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More work on the UFO front

by Mary Beth Krapil After finishing my place mats (you can read about them here), I had some fabric left over. So, I decided to make a few bowl cozies. You know, the things you can use to keep from burning your fingers when you take your bowl of hot soup out of the microwave? [...]

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Modern Quilts

by Mary Beth Krapil   QuiltCon, the quintessential modern quilt show, was held recently in Pasadena, CA. It was the place to be for "modern quilters". At the same time, on the east coast, the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival was held in Hampton, VA. California was not the only place to find modern quilts on [...]

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How are those resolutions coming along?

by Mary Beth Krapil An update on my 2018 resolution to finish some quilts here. So, I need to ask you, if you bought fabric for a project, but never even started the project. It is still in the "Fabric On The Shelf" stage. Is that a UFO? Let me explain. A while back, (we're [...]

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Finishing Quilts – get what you need

by Mary Beth Krapil I've discovered that three things are needed to finish quilts. And here at Handi Quilter we do our best to supply quilters with all three. Inspiration. Education. Equipment. When it comes to education and inspiration, there are lots of opportunities. Handi Tips, Minute Motifs, HQ Live, Handi Quilter Videos, just to [...]

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Finishing Quilts – Don’t Wait!

by Mary Beth Krapil At Handi Quilter we are all about finishing quilts. We provide inspiration, education and equip you to finish more quilts. Personally, I'd like to urge you to get to it. Don't put it off. Make the time and enjoy the process. Don't think you don't have enough skill. Do what you [...]

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