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Short and Sweet

Handi Quilter places a very high value on educating quilters. We want the folks who purchase our machines and products to be happy and that means knowing how to use them! There are so many avenues HQ provides to learn about your machine. Handi Quilter University, Handi Quilter Academy, live events at local Handi Quilter retailers with one of our 40 (YES 40!) National Educators, HQ Live, written Pro-Stitcher tutorials on our website, Handi Tips, Minute Motifs, and our fabulous YouTube channel with tons of videos about a myriad of quilting topics. We are starting a new series of videos available on our YouTube channel called Short and Sweet. They will be longer and more in-depth than our Handi Tips.

These Short and Sweet videos are featuring Helen Godden, Handi Quilter’s International Ambassador from Australia. She has lots to share about her favorite quilting machine, the HQ Sweet Sixteen. Helen will help you learn to use your machine to it’s fullest extent!

I have a little tip for you: even if you are not a Sweetie (what we like to call our HQ Sweet Sixteen owners) you will benefit from watching these videos. You’ll pick up lots of tips and tricks for machine quilting, both longarm and domestic. The first episode is all about getting balanced tension.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss a thing!

by Mary Beth Krapil



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Vivid Color

I have found that the first thing that draws me to a quilt is color. Vivid color really pulls me in. I want to get closer to see the piecing or applique. Then I want to get even closer to see the quilting.

Recently at the Grand Rapids AQS show I found some wonderful examples of really fantastic use of vivid color. I’d like to share them with you here.

Vivid color quilts on display

First up is a quilt by some ladies from my neck of the woods. The bright colors grabbed me and I really needed to come in close to see the fabulous quilting.

Manicured Garden
by Michelle Wilkie and Suzan deSerres of Cary, NC

detail of Manicured Garden

This quilt’s fresh pink grabbed my attention, and when I came closer I found the quilting to be interesting too!

Parading Parallelograms
by Claire Victor of Scottsdale, AZ

detail of Parading Parallelograms

I loved the color transitions Marla used in this next quilt. Well deserved Blue Ribbon!

prize winner at AQS Grand Rapids

At the Junction
by Marla Varner of Sequim, WA

Vibrant colors and stunning HAND quilting make this quilt a winner in my book.

A Child’s Game
by Maria Reuter of Furstenfeldbruck, Germany

detail of A Child’s Game

I am a sucker for color wheel quilts and this one’s spirited colors and lovely quilting did not disappoint.

Sammy’s Delight
by Anne Marcellis
of Hugo, MN

detail of Sammy’s Delight

I must admit, the vivid colors of this quilt were stunning, but it was the motion of the quilting that really drew me in!

vivid color quilt

by Roxanna Herder and Darla Parks of Grand Haven, MI

detail of Curvealicious

Though not bright, these colors were intensely saturated and created a striking quilt and check out her signature around one of the circles with quilted pebbles!

Electric Ellipses #5
by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry of Port Townsend, WA

detail of Electric Ellipses #5


Hope you enjoyed this vivid color parade. Which is your favorite?

by Mary Beth Krapil








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HQ Giveaway!

Syndicated from the HQ Stitch Blog – Written by Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador

I hope you’ve watched the story of Kelsey Cooley, the first of many in our And I Quilt campaign.

Now we’re having a related giveaway on Instagram. Here’s the scoop:

The giveaway is for a foldable storage box for your quilting supplies. It’s perfect for toting, organizing or stashing and it comes in our signature Handi Quilter purple!

The winner will choose from a variety of quilty-quote designs printed on the front. How great is that?

To enter, follow both @hqstitch and @handiquilter on Instagram, tag a friend and leave a comment on Instagram telling us what your favorite HQ product is.

The giveaway ends Monday 9/9; winner announced Thursday, 9/12.

Go straight to Instagram!

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And I Quilt… An Invitation

Syndicated from the HQ Stitch Blog, with some edits – Written by Diane Harris, HQ Stitch Brand Ambassador

Quilters hail from all walks of life and Handi Quilter is celebrating that fact with a new campaign, “And I Quilt.”

We’ve selected a group of 15 quilters across North America to show us who they are, what they do, and how they enjoy using their Handi Quilter longarm machines. They are beginners, experts, and artists. From every walk of life, they are unique, talented, and inspiring!

A few of the And I Quilt Inspiration Team members

We’re traveling across the country to film these stories, and in the process we’ll invite you to tell your own And I Quilt story.

On Wednesday, August 28, we premiered the first full-length feature will premiere featuring Kelsey Cooley and her mom Janie in Flint, Texas. Watch the video here, and sign up here to get a FREE Handi Quilter cutting mat AND get notified when new videos are released!

There are also previews up for Dorien Keusseyan from Arlington, Massachusetts—a hockey player!— and Jeresther Thorpe-Page from Nashville, a school principal.

It’s such a cool idea to think about what “other lives” quilters have, don’t you think? I can’t wait to watch these stories unfold.

As each quilt artist is featured, Handi Quilter will run a special on a product the artist uses. There will be some great deals!

And whether you’re a longarm quilter or a domestic machine user, inspiration will abound.

On Instagram, you’ll find images under #andiquilt. This is going to be so much fun!

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Ice Dyed Baby (with super cool quilting)

Have you seen this fabulous Ice Dyed Baby poster? Handi Quilter created this fun poster with the Debra Linker ice dyed pieces that were quilted by some of the Handi Quilter educators.

ice dyed baby poster

I want to share with you some of these quilts and their quilters. The quilting on them is fabulous! They will be seen at shows around the country. So keep an eye out to enjoy them up close and personal. Watch the Handi Quilter Facebook page for announcements of where they will be. Be sure to click the “LIKE” button so you will stay up to date on all things Handi Quilter, also watch your Instagram feed and be sure to follow us with the hashtag #handiquilter.

Quilted Ice Dye

Kaleidoscope Flower
by Vicki Kerkvliet


by Megan Best


Quilted Ice Dyed

The Beat Goes On
by Mary Beth Krapil


Stars and Garters
by Marie Eldredge


Quilted Ice Dyed

Sunny Beaches
by Linda Matteotti


Sky at Dusk
by Linda Gosselin


Iced Dahlia
by Kelly Ashton


Quilted Ice Dyed

Pretty in Pink
by Jane Hauprich


by Harriet Carpaninni


My Mid-Century Blossom
by Gina Siembieda


Blinged Bubbles
by Denise Best


by Susan Manry


by Allison Spence


Will you try your hand at quilting Ice Dyed, Baby?


by Mary Beth Krapil




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Amazing Together


This is my ice dyed mini created by the talented, Debra Linker, and gifted by Handi Quilter. It’s uniquely beautiful. I am itching to quilt it.

Each person who attended HQ Academy got to take one of these treasures home with them. Handi Quilter issued a challenge: to quilt them and bring them back, to be displayed at next year’s Academy. Which by the way will be June 16-19, 2020. I cannot wait to see!

The ice dyed minis created a centerpiece at each table at our banquet.

When they are together it is amazing! The colors play together and compliment each other. And what quilter can’t appreciate the beauty of 250 hand dyed fat quarters all in one place?

See the ice dye quilts hung on the wall in the background? The HQ Educators quilted those a few years ago. I wrote a blog post them a while back. Sadly, many of our older posts were lost in a major website crash. I will share those quilts with you next week. This year HQ created a fun poster of those quilts.

ice dyed baby poster


The Spirit of Academy

It’s just that way with us. Each quilter is creative, talented, and uniquely beautiful. But when we come together it is amazing. We play together, compliment each other and best of all learn from each other. The spirit that is created by the joining of us all in one place is the most fantastic thing ever. That’s what HQ Academy is all about. Every one of us returns home enriched.

I hope that when you get home, you have a guild or bee or simply some quilty friends with which you can pass along the spirit of Academy and a thing or two of what you learned.

Don’t forget to quilt your ice dyed mini. Seeing all of them together again, this time quilted, will be amazing!

By Mary Beth Krapil

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Basic Things

Basic Things

Sometimes we take for granted the really basic things and forget how important they are in our lives.

There have been many times in my career as both a pharmacist and a HQ Educator that I have learned to remember the basics and to explain, completely, the process I am trying to relate. Just that one tiny piece of information can make all the difference. Here’s an example: As a very new pharmacist, a Mom came to me with her sunburned child and asked what she should do for him. I suggested she put the child in the bathtub with some baking soda. She called the pharmacy a bit later and asked if she should sprinkle the baking soda on her kid, or just put it in the tub and have the child lay on it. Water. That one basic thing I took for granted and did not say to add baking soda to the WATER in the bath tub. (You can’t make this stuff up).

I have heard questions in the quilting world that would not have come up IF the Basic Things were explained.

So here are a few of the basic things when it come to longarm quilting.

Turn your machine on properly.

It is important to turn your machine on and let it completely boot up before you start to quilt. These machines have software components that need to complete their start up procedures in order for the machine to work the way it should.

I unplug my machine any time it is not being used. So first, I plug it in. I plug it in to a battery back-up surge protector. I like for my electronic equipment to be as protected as possible from fluctuations in power. Please consult your local geek (computer expert) for what kind and where to purchase.


Then I turn on the switch at the back of the machine.

Next, I go to the front of the machine and turn on the power switch there. While my machine is booting up, I use the time to change to the thread I will be using that day.

Once I am sure my machine is ready, I turn on my Pro-Stitcher tablet and allow it to completely boot up. While that is happening, I wind my bobbins and clean and oil my bobbin race.

Place the drop of oil where it belongs

Speaking of oiling, it is important to oil the bobbin race in the right place for the oil to be able to do its job. One drop of oil goes on the little ledge at the front of the bobbin race. (See photo)

One tiny drop of oil every time you change the bobbin is all it takes to keep things running smoothly.

Shut your machine down properly

If you quilt with Pro-Stitcher, shut it down first.

Go to the File Tab > Shut Down button and choose Shut Down from the menu

Wait til the screen goes black. While you are waiting you can dust off your table and remove any stray threads from your tracks and your wheels. You will be glad you did the next time you quilt.

Once the PSP screen is black, press the front power button on the machine. Move to the back of the machine and turn off the power at the back, then unplug.

There you go. Basic things, but oh, so important. Stay tuned, more basics to come.

Oh! And please use sunscreen.

by Mary Beth Krapil

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UQSM Moda Fabric Challenge Quilts

The UQSM Moda fabric challenge quilts acquired by Handi Quilter are hanging in the gallery as a special exhibit. Moda Fabrics sponsored the challenge and featured the “Looking Forward” collection of fabrics by Jen Kingwell.

Looking forward

Looking Forward fabric collection by Jen Kingwell

The show held a live auction where the competition quilts were sold and 100% of the proceeds were donated to Sew Much Hope.


Sew much Hope

Sew Much Hope operates to restore hope and balance to communities devastated by war, genocide and poverty by providing sewing machines to enable impoverished individuals to create a better life for their families and communities, one sewing machine at a time. They work with other organizations, governments and communities to develop solutions and programs that allow the poorest of the poor to earn income, start a micro-business, or simply mend clothing and improve living standards for their families. Sew Much Hope also provides electric machines locally, to libraries and community centers in Utah. They encourage sewing education to help build and enrich lives through the art of sewing.

We were thrilled to add these wonderful quilts to our collection and contribute to a worthy organization.

You are welcome to come visit the gallery to see these quilts. For those of you who are not able to come, here’s the next best thing.

The UQSM Moda Fabric Callenge Quilts from the Handi Quilter collection:

Pieced by Shannon White
Quilted by Sharlene Russell


Seeking Serenity
by Jolly Stanford


by Connie Eagle


Paper Round
by Kimberly Sandberg


Garden of Cassiopia
by Lynne S Dallmeyer-Hartman


Flying Forward
by Deonn Stott


Fairy Garden
by Annette Falvo


Circle Forward
by Louise Mudd


I am amazed by the variety of quilts created from the same fabric collection!

The UQSM Moda Fabric challenge quilts are inspirational and entering one of these challenges looks like a lot of fun. Have you ever entered a fabric challenge? What did you learn by making a quilt with rules and restrictions as to fabric selection?

by Mary Beth Krapil

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Vintage Baby Quilts

Handi Quilter has a gallery where collections of quilts are displayed. These three vintage baby quilts were tops rescued (from Ebay) by Brenda Groelz, Director of Marketing and Education.  The makers of the tops are unknown and they were finished with quilting by Handi Quilter National Educators . They are hanging in the gallery right now. If you’d like to see them in person, please feel free to visit.


HQ gallery quilt

Farm Yard Friends
quilted by Vicki Kerkvliet
pieced by Anonymous


Merry Go Round
quilted by Diane Henry
pieced by Anonymous


HQ Gallery baby quilt

Night Night Teddie
quilted by Kelly Ashton
pieced by anonymous


So sweet! Have you quilted any vintage baby quilts? What challenges did you face? Please share and post a picture!


by Mary Beth Krapil

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Landscape Quilts

At the Quilters Unlimited show in Chantilly, VA this May I noticed quite a few lovely landscape quilts. It’s interesting to me how a theme just forms naturally at some shows.  This time there were numerous landscape quilts. I was taken by the quilter’s abilities to create dimension with their color choices and their quilting patterns. At Handi Quilter we are all about quilting patterns.


Of course I want to share some of them with you!


Landscape Quilts

Maratea Morning
by Kerry O Britton
of Arlington, VA

I love the soft colors and peacefulness  of this quilt.


Landscape Quilts

The Path Well Traveled: Santorini
by Kerry O Britton
of Arlington, VA

This quilt demonstrates amazing depth.



Landscape Quilts

The Scrap Bag….Was a Challenge
by Jennifer Thorp
of Arlington, VA

These cute little houses and their background is a place I want to go for a tropical vacation.



Landscape Quilts

Sail the USA
by Rosemary Ryan
of Centreville, VA

Can’t you just feel the sea breezes?




Landscape Quilts

Planting the Fields
by Dottie McQueenie
of Haymarket, VA

Great perspective and lovely little details make this a wonderful quilt.



Landscape Quilts

Choose your Horizon
by Ginny Mayes
of Mt Vernon, VA

The Modern take on landscapes. Very cool!


I’m putting a landscape quilt on my quilting bucket list. How about you? Have you made a landscape quilt? What was your inspiration?


by Mary Beth Krapil

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