About a year ago, Handi Quilter added a simulation mode to HQ Pro-Stitcher. Here’s what we love about the simulation mode:

1. You can disconnect the Pro-Stitcher tablet from the quilting machine, but still use Pro-Stitcher to get ready for quilting out your design — or combination of designs. You set up the quilting plan while comfortably seated in your easy chair. Then, put the tablet computer back in the bracket, create your area, and quilt out your design.

2. You can install HQ Pro-Stitcher to a Windows-compatible computer. Then, like just using the tablet off of the machine, you use your computer with a mouse and run Pro-Stitcher in simulation mode to create your quilting plan. After you are happy with your design(s), save them to a USB drive, and copy to the Pro-Stitcher tablet to print out.

3. Both of these alternatives are great options for “playing” with Pro-Stitcher and trying out the features without actually stitching them out on a quilt. However, you can still see how the design will stitch out on the screen. Handi Quilter educators are starting to use the simulation mode to teach how to use HQ Pro-Stitcher when there isn’t a quilting machine available for each student. The class members still do all of the functions on their tablet or laptop and then “stitch” it out on the screen. It’s a very efficient way to learn how to use Pro-Stitcher — either on your own or in a classroom setting.

In the April educational webinar, educational coordinator Vicki Hoth and director of quality assurance Richard Eich demonstrated how to install the Pro-Stitcher simulator on a separate computer.

You can find written installation instructions on page 8.6 of the HQ Pro-Stitcher user manual.

We recommend that you use the most recent version of HQ Pro-Stitcher. You can find it on the Handi Quilter website (click here).

We’re confident you’ll love this new Pro-Stitcher option.