The UQSM Moda fabric challenge quilts acquired by Handi Quilter are hanging in the gallery as a special exhibit. Moda Fabrics sponsored the challenge and featured the “Looking Forward” collection of fabrics by Jen Kingwell.

Looking forward

Looking Forward fabric collection by Jen Kingwell

The show held a live auction where the competition quilts were sold and 100% of the proceeds were donated to Sew Much Hope.


Sew much Hope

Sew Much Hope operates to restore hope and balance to communities devastated by war, genocide and poverty by providing sewing machines to enable impoverished individuals to create a better life for their families and communities, one sewing machine at a time. They work with other organizations, governments and communities to develop solutions and programs that allow the poorest of the poor to earn income, start a micro-business, or simply mend clothing and improve living standards for their families. Sew Much Hope also provides electric machines locally, to libraries and community centers in Utah. They encourage sewing education to help build and enrich lives through the art of sewing.

We were thrilled to add these wonderful quilts to our collection and contribute to a worthy organization.

You are welcome to come visit the gallery to see these quilts. For those of you who are not able to come, here’s the next best thing.

The UQSM Moda Fabric Callenge Quilts from the Handi Quilter collection:

Pieced by Shannon White
Quilted by Sharlene Russell


Seeking Serenity
by Jolly Stanford


by Connie Eagle


Paper Round
by Kimberly Sandberg


Garden of Cassiopia
by Lynne S Dallmeyer-Hartman


Flying Forward
by Deonn Stott


Fairy Garden
by Annette Falvo


Circle Forward
by Louise Mudd


I am amazed by the variety of quilts created from the same fabric collection!

The UQSM Moda Fabric challenge quilts are inspirational and entering one of these challenges looks like a lot of fun. Have you ever entered a fabric challenge? What did you learn by making a quilt with rules and restrictions as to fabric selection?

by Mary Beth Krapil