Here at Handi Quilter we are all about finishing more quilts. Our And I Quilt personality, Vanessa Clark, has written a guest post about an important finishing touch, the label. Take it away Vanessa…

And I Quilt personality Vanessa Clark

The Finishing Touch

The label

The one thing most of us forget to do is put labels on our quilts. We work so hard and are so anxious to finish our quilts we forget all about the label. Let’s face it, by the time the cutting and piecing is done, all we want to do is get that quilt top on the longarm and do what we really love doing.  I like to plan the back of the quilts. Sometimes I use a coordinating fabric for the back or a solid colored back so I can really see the quilting motif. With a solid back, it is a perfect opportunity to label the quilt with some embroidery as seen here:

embroidered label

I often embroider the butterfly, which is like my logo (or identity) for me, and the year I made the quilt. You can also add other sweet labels like the ones here:

woven labels

I got them while attending Handi Quilter Academy.

And hey, if you forgot and have completely finished the quilt, just hand sew a label on the back.

Watch the HQ Live video on memory quilts for some awesome ideas. Oh, and be sure to note how my fellow And I Quilt inspiration squad members made labels for the back of our memory quilt. The back of the quilt was just as special as the front. Yay squad! I just love our team.

Now, my quilt is ready to be gifted. For this tip I give credit to my daughter, Lori, who has the gift of hospitality and always makes things so special. It is linen spray.

Olivia Blake, Anjou Pear and Jasmine linen spray

I lightly spray some linen spray to give the quilt a fresh clean smell. This product is Olivia Blake, Anjou Pear and Jasmine. Check your boutiques or home goods store for linen sprays.

Close your eyes, inhale, awe, cozy!

Tie your quilt up with a bow, write a sentimental note and this gift is off to my Aunt. Making her feel special is important to me. Giving a quilt is like giving a great big hug.

 quilt hug

I hope I have given you some ideas for your next gifted quilt.

Until next time,

I am Vanessa Clark.

A grandmother of four little cuties.

A volunteer.

And I Quilt!

Thanks Vanessa! We all need to remember that all important label, it’s like signing your artwork. Keep finishing more quilts and stay healthy!