Social Media Resources

After getting multiple questions from folks, I came to realize that not everyone is aware of the rich array of social media resources available to Handi Quilter owners and those interested in Handi Quilter. Here is what’s out there and where you can find it.



Go to . You will see hundreds of videos on just about every Handi Quilter topic you can think of. Click on the Subscribe button and you’ll join 54,000 other quilting enthusiasts who watch these videos. Click on the little bell icon. Then you will get a notification from YouTube whenever there is a new Handi Quilter video posted.


If you’re a Pro-Stitcher quilter you’ll want to subscribe to the Pro-Stitcher channel too. It’s at 

HQ Live

HQ Live is a video presentation with special guests, tips tricks, trends and everything quilting. Each month when we present HQ Live, log into your YouTube account during the Live presentation. Then you will be able to ask questions and converse with other viewers in the comment section below the video. After the initial live stream, the video will remain on YouTube along with all the comments. You can continue to add comments at any time. It’s a great community, where you can connect with others who share your passion. HQ Live airs on the second Tuesday of each month at noon Mountain time.

HQ Watch and Learn Quilting Show

The HQ Watch and Learn Quilting Show airs every Tuesday at noon Mountain time. It is similar to HQ Live, but a little less formal. If you’re looking for inspiration and education, HQ Watch and Learn is perfect. You’ll find it live on our Facebook page and it will remain on the Facebook page for watching at any time. You can ask questions in the comments and get expert answers. HQ Watch and Learn presentations are also archived on our YouTube page.

How-to Guides and Getting Started Guides

If you’re just getting started or interested in learning what longarm quilting is all about or maybe you just need a refresher, the how-to guides and getting started guides are full of information. It’s a great place to learn while you are waiting for your machine to be delivered!




We have 3 Instagram accounts that you can use to stay “in the know” and get inspired.

@HandiQuilter – Here you will get news about things going on at Handi Quilter, such as educational events and special sales on machines and products. You’ll also see lots of quilts, quilting designs and inspiration.

@prostitcherquilting – All things Pro-Stitcher will be seen on this Instagram account.

@prostitcherdesigner – You guessed it, Pro-Stitcher Designer inspiration will be here.

Be sure to follow us on Insta! and use the #handiquilter, #prostitcherquilting, and #prostitcherdesigner on your quilting posts to be a part of our community.



You’ll get all the news direct from us to your Facebook news feed if you “LIKE” and “FOLLOW” our page.,  You might have already known that.



But did you know we also have a Handi Quilter group page?


This is a wonderful community of HQ owners and those interested in learning about Handi Quilter. On the group page you can interact with other quilters. Ask questions, post pictures of your work in progress, pictures of your finishes, and get feedback from the group. You can get help when you are stumped. Maybe you’ve never used monofilament thread before and need a little encouragement before you give it a go? It’s a fun place, where you will learn so much.

Handi Quilter Academy

We also have another group page for those quilters interested in Handi Quilter’s Academy. Academy is the premier education event of the year held in Layton, UT.  The Handi Quilter Academy group page  will have announcements about Academy but it is also a place to interact with others. Many friendships are formed at Academy and forged on the Academy Facebook group.




For all you Pro-Stitcher quilters there’s an Official Pro-Stitcher page you’ll want to “LIKE” and “FOLLOW”.  You’ll see notification of new updates and enjoy inspirational posts and videos.


Pro-Stitcher Designer group

And for Pro-Stitcher Designer users there’s a PSD group page. Since Pro-Stitcher Designer is so new, I’m sure you’ll have questions as you start to learn it. This is a great place to ask those questions and get help from your mates and from the experts.



Be sure to check out our Pinterest page for fun inspiration!



Yes, you can find us on TikTok too! @handiquilter



So there you have it. Go to the pages you are interested in by clicking on any of the links above. If it’s a group page, you’ll be asked some questions when you ask to join. Be sure to answer them! We try to keep the groups safe for our members. Remember on any groups you join, not just Handi Quilter, you are on a public forum.  So use your best kindergarten manners, follow the rules, and protect your private information.


by Mary Beth Krapil