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What is Timing Anyway?

If you have had a longarm machine for any amount of time you have probably heard the word “timing”. And you probably didn’t hear it in a good way. The timing on any sewing machine has to be just right in order to create good stitches. When your timing goes out, you usually cannot sew anymore.

If your stitch quality is not as good as it should be, there can be a lot of causes. It could be the timing is off. But often it’s something a lot simpler. It is best to consult your user guide, to make sure you have everything set up properly. Be sure your machine threaded correctly with good quality thread. Check that the needle is in the right orientation and inserted all the way into the machine. Do you have your fabric tensioned correctly? The bobbin case must be in proper order. And the bobbin must be inserted correctly. Is all the lint cleaned out? Have you have been doing regular oiling of the bobbin race? These are simple changes you can tweak on your own.

When you are sure everything is correct, and your stitches are still not perfect, then reach out to your local retailer who supports you and your machine for some help. If you don’t know who that is, find one using the Retailer Locator by typing in your zip code or location and choosing a radius and clicking Search.

When it is not possible to get in touch with a local person, you can always reach out to our Technical Solutions team by calling 877-697-8458.

I am sharing an article by our fabulous engineering team, so you have a better understanding of what timing is, and how some things YOU do can effect timing.

It’s always good to know as much as you can about your machine!


What is Timing?

Find the Right Surge Protector or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Loops and Grids

Did you happen to catch the July 5, 2022 HQ Watch and Learn on Facebook? More grid work! You can watch it here.  Kristina used loops in one of her examples. And I promised to do some grid designs with loops this week!  Let’s start by talking through Kristina’s design.

Break Up Your Grid

Instead of filling the grid boxes as is, let’s break up the boxes with a diagonal line.


You might want to mark these lines on the grid (as shown). Or you can just add a little mark, that will remind you which way that diagonal goes. It’s so easy to get distracted when quilting a repeating design like this one. So some sort of reminder is always helpful.


You can use a ruler when you stitch the diagonal. I like to use one, if the diagonal line I’m stitching is longer than a couple of inches. I like my gridwork to look crisp. You will get crisper results with a ruler.

But, you do you! You can certainly free-motion it. Remember, there are no quilt police. Are there?


The Path

Here is the path Kristina used. It’s a good one to make this loops design continuous.

Start in the upper left corner and stitch the diagonal through one grid box.


Next, stitch the loops traveling back up to the upper left corner.


Travel across the top of the grid box.


Then it’s rinse and repeat all the way across your grid.


Stitch down the right side of the grid.



Next, travel back to the left, filling in the boxes as you go. You need to change up the path a bit on this 2nd row. Start by stitching to the left along the top of the grid box.


Continue by stitching down the diagonal.


Then stitch the loops.


Rinse and repeat.


The next row will be stitched just like row 1. And so on, alternating stitch paths, to fill your grid.

The photo above shows the design stitched as described.

To finish it off, you can choose to stitch the vertical grid lines and finish stitching the perimeter. You can see an example of how to do this in last week’s blog post.  And here is the same stitch out with the vertical grid lines stitched:


You can use this technique with any shape to fill the triangle. Try a stipple or bubbles. Straight lines? Spirals? S-shapes? Did you notice I stitched my diagonal in the other direction and filled the right side triangle?  Change it up! Make it your own.

Just remember the path alternates with each subsequent row.

Pro-tip: Remember mantras?  (If you don’t, click the link and read the post.) Think of a mantra to use for each row. Another trick is to have a visual “mantra”. It’s an image you keep in your mind as you quilt. For row one you could use:

Then when you move on to row two:


If you are a computerized quilter, keep an eye on the Quiltable website. This design and more grid designs will be available soon in digital format.


HQ Watch & Learn

Watch the video to see Kristina draw this out and then stitch it. Be sure to watch the Handi Quilter Watch and Learn show every Tuesday on our Facebook page. The fun starts at noon Mountain time. If you are there as it airs you can ask questions in the comments and get expert answers. It’s full of great tips and tricks and interesting inspiration. Just like this blog you never know what you’ll see next!


By Mary Beth Krapil






In reflecting back on 2020, one thing is certain, it’s been a year full of change. We had to learn new ways of living. From the way we work, to the way we shop and even the way we learn. And learn we did!


We learned how to cook at home, everyday, we learned how to share with our neighbors (toilet paper), we learned how to be together, without actually being together. And we learned how to make sour dough bread.

We learned to Zoom.

And we rallied together (but apart) to take on the unique realities and challenges of this year.


Many things changed in 2020, forcing us to adapt. Change is stressful. So we used quilting to find calm amid the stress. That’s one thing that didn’t change.

HQ is renowned for supporting and educating our machine owners. That’s another thing that didn’t change.

As a company, we at Handi Quilter devoted ourselves to finding new ways to bring you the quality education you have come to expect from us.

Our celebrated hands-on learning opportunities had to be put on hold, for a bit, while we devised a way to safely hold these events at Handi Quilter headquarters and at shops near you.

Handi Quilter University

We consulted with heath and government experts to devise a way to safely hold classes in the Handi Quilter studio. Now we have a safe event, complete with masks and social distancing and hand sanitizer and handlebar covers, to go along with all the excellent information and fun.

Handi Quilter Academy

The premier annual event, that brings together quilters and world-class instructors from all over the world, was impossible to hold as an in-person event. 300 quilters, (as delightful as that sounds), learning and laughing and eating all in one place just could not happen this year. So we found a way to bring those classes to you in a virtual format. HQ Academy 2020 Virtual Sneak Peek presented classes to ticket holders that they can go back and watch as many times as they would like. It was a hit!

Watch and Learn

Wanting to give everyone the opportunity to grow and learn inspired us to start our weekly video program on Facebook called Watch and Learn. It’s a little mini-class that covers all sorts of topics from ruler quilting, to Pro-Stitcher, to free-motion, to how to use various gadgets for quilting. It’s fun and it’s free. You can find it on our Facebook page every Tuesday at noon Mountain time. Post a question in the comments and you’ll get an answer from one of the HQ experts! You can watch recordings of previous shows on our YouTube channel. And be sure to LIKE and Subscribe so you don’t miss a thing. As a bonus, each week a HQ product is featured at a special discount.

What’s next?

It is your drive to keep learning that motivates us – and in 2021 we will continue to think big and create innovations to keep you learning and finishing quilts.

For now, thanks for learning with us.

There are many things we’d like to forget about this year. But hopefully we will never forget all we learned.

We wish you and your families all the best of health, happiness and quilty-ness in the new year.


by Mary Beth Krapil

Win a Moxie

Yes, you read that right. You can get a chance to win a Moxie longarm quilting machine of your very own! Just by attending a quilt show. It’s a win-win!

Houston International Quilt Festival is going virtual this year (thanks 2020). The biggest, and one of the best quilt shows of the year will host a virtual on-line show, so that we can get our fix of quilt viewing and vendor shopping and learning in classes. You can get the details here.

Win a Moxie™ Longarm Quilting Machine

Every person who purchases a ticket to Virtual Quilt Festival will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a FREE HQ Moxie™ Longarm Quilting Machine. One random lucky winner will be chosen from all the VQF attendees and class participants.

The show will run Dec 3 thru Dec 5, 2020. Classes begin Dec 3, 2020.  Ticket Sales and Class/Lecture/Forum Enrollment is open now. Tickets are $10.

Your show pass will include:

  • Quilts on Display – Hundreds of quilts in Special Exhibits and Quilt Contest
  • Vendor Mall – Shopping and special promotions in one venue
  • Open Studios™ – 15-minute product demos
  • Games, voting in the Quilt Contest Viewer’s Choice, and other events
  • Interaction among virtual show participants including attendees, instructors, and vendors
  • Special Live Lecture, December 3, 2020, 6:00– 7:00pm CST – Jenny Lyon’s Quilting is a Contact Sport

Classes, Lectures and Forums will be available for an extra fee.

Purchase your ticket today! Who knows? You might just win a Moxie.

Good Luck!

by Mary Beth Krapil





Social Media Resources

After getting multiple questions from folks, I came to realize that not everyone is aware of the rich array of social media resources available to Handi Quilter owners and those interested in Handi Quilter. So this week I’m going to let you know what’s out there and where you can find it.


Go to https://www.YouTube.com/HandiQuilter . You will see hundreds of videos on just about every Handi Quilter topic you can think of. Click on the Subscribe button and you’ll join 42,000 other quilting enthusiasts who watch these videos. Click on the little bell icon and you will get a notification from YouTube whenever there is a new Handi Quilter video posted.

HQ Live

Each month when we present HQ Live, if you are logged into your YouTube account during the Live presentation, you are able to ask questions and converse with other viewers in the comment section below the video. After the initial live stream, the video will remain on YouTube along with all the comments. You can continue to add comments at any time. It’s a great community, where you can connect with others who share your passion.

If you’re a Pro-Stitcher quilter you’ll want to subscribe to the Pro-Stitcher channel too. It’s at https://www.youtube.com/prostitcher.


We have 3 Instagram accounts that you can use to stay “in the know” and get inspired.

@HandiQuilter – Here you will get news about things going on at Handi Quilter such as educational events and special sales on machines and products. You’ll also see lots of quilts, quilting designs and inspiration.

@prostitcherquilting – All things Pro-Stitcher will be seen on this Instagram account.

@prostitcherdesigner – You guessed it, Pro-Stitcher Designer inspiration will be here.

Be sure to follow us on Insta! and use the #handiquilter, #prostitcherquilting, and #prostitcherdesigner on your quilting posts to be a part of our community.


You’ll get all the news direct from us to your Facebook news feed if you “LIKE” and “FOLLOW” our page. Facebook.com/handiquilter, you might have already known that.

But did you know we also have a Handi Quilter group page?

HQ Facebook group

On the group page you can interact with other quilters. Ask questions, post pictures of your work in progress, pictures of your finishes, and get feedback from the group. Get help when you are stumped. Maybe you’ve never used monofilament thread before and need a little encouragement before you give it a go? It’s a fun place, where you will learn so much.

Handi Quilter Academy

We also have another group page for those quilters interested in Handi Quilter’s Academy. Academy is the premier education event of the year held in Layton, UT.  The Handi Quilter Academy group page  will have announcements about Academy but it is also a place to interact with others. Many friendships have been formed at Academy and forged on the Academy Facebook group.


For all you Pro-Stitcher quilters there’s an Official Pro-Stitcher page you’ll want to “LIKE” and “FOLLOW”.  You’ll see notification of new updates and enjoy inspirational posts and videos.

Pro-Stitcher Designer

And for Pro-Stitcher Designer users there’s a PSD group page. Since Pro-Stitcher Designer is so new, I’m sure you’ll have questions as you start to learn it. This is a great place to ask those questions and get help from your mates and from the experts.

So there you have it. Click on any of the links above to take you to the pages you are interested in. If it’s a group page, you’ll be asked some questions when you ask to join. We try to keep the groups safe. Remember on any groups you join, not just Handi Quilter, you are on a public forum, so use your best kindergarten manners and protect your private information.



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