Facebook (Meta) has started to change its algorithm that decides what you see in your newsfeed every day. If you want to stay in the know about all things Handi Quilter you’ll want to be sure you are following our Facebook page and haven’t simply “liked” it. If you’re not sure how to do that I’ve got you! Here are instructions with pictures. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss all the great stuff on our page. Weekly HQ Watch and Learn shows and announcements of all the fun going on at Handi Quilter are just a couple of the things you’ll see.

Open HQ Facebook page


Start by going to the Handi Quilter Facebook page. You can get there by typing facebook.com/handiquilter. The header looks like this:


Click on the 3 dots

Click on the 3 little dots shown circled in red here (bottom right corner):


Choose Follow Settings

From the drop-down menu choose Follow Settings


Set as a favorite

Set as a favorite so that you will always see Handi Quilter posts in your feed.



The bottom half of the Follow Settings menu is for notifications.



Click the little arrow to the right of Posts



Set to Standard.

Then click the back arrow in the upper left.

Click Video.


Set to All Notifications then click the back arrow.

Click Live Video.


Set to All notifications. You absolutely want to see HQ Watch and Learn!!  Then click the back arrow.

Be sure that Offers is turned on (it should be blue). Of course you’ll want to know when something goes on sale, right?


Last but VERY IMPORTANT! Click UPDATE to save your settings. Update is all the way down at the bottom. You may need to scroll.


Now you’ll be all set and you’ll stay in the know about all things Handi Quilter.


Thanks so much for following us on social media. We love staying in touch with every member of our HQ family!



by Mary Beth Krapil