Who invented Spring Cleaning? Well, there are many cultures that lay claim to that, Hebrew, Iranian, Chinese. Where ever it came from, it does make sense. Could the reason so many cultures have rituals and celebrations that incorporate spring cleaning be that this is the best time of year for it? With the warmer temperatures and longer days it’s good to refresh our homes. Throw open the windows and hang washed linens outside in the breezy sunshine to dry.  And let’s not forget our quilting space. Whether you have a quilting studio, a sewing room, or a corner of the family room, it’s time to do a little Spring Cleaning Quilting Style. This easy checklist will help you get it done in a snap!

1. Tidy up.

I’m not going to tell you who’s studio this is. Just tidy up. Put things away. Organize. Find a place for the things you love. Discard things that don’t bring you joy.

Wait! Everything sewing related brings me joy. Even my seam ripper collection. This might be harder than I first thought.

2. Vacuum



Vacuum everything! Quilting creates huge amounts of lint and dust. Dig out those accessories for the vacuum cleaner and get in all the nooks and crannies, your longarm frame table and tracks, your wheels. Take out the bobbin case and vacuum out the bobbin area. Take the throat plate off and vacuum under there. (You can do this on your domestic machine too!) You’ll need a small screwdriver.



3. Microfiber cloths



Wipe all horizontal surfaces with these. Table, tracks, top of machine, cone holder, bed of machine. Then hold a cloth against each of your wheels and move the machine back and forth. You will be surprised by the build up of compressed lint that you will clean away. (By the way you should clean your wheels regularly, not just once a year! I clean for each new quilt.)



While doing this, take a close look at your wheels to see if there are any threads wrapped around them. Both sets, on the machine and on the carriage.

Wipe the fingerprints from your display and Pro-Stitcher tablet. No cleaning solutions or potions are needed for any of this. Just a microfiber cloth.

4. Schedule a “spa day”.



For your longarm machine. Check when the last maintenance was done on your machine then give your HQ retailer a call. If you don’t know who that is, you can find one here. Handi Quilter’s recommendation is to have your machine serviced once every 2 years or 10 million stitches which ever comes first. This will keep your machine in tip-top running condition.


5. Schedule a quilting day.


For you! After all that hard work, you deserve a little fun!


Are you in for Spring Cleaning Quilt Style? Let us know your organizing tips. We are in desperate need!


by Mary Beth Krapil