Did you know that Handi Quilter contributes quilting tips to American Patchwork and Quilting magazine? Each month APQ magazine includes a “Tip” page and every other month Handi Quilter contributes a machine quilting tip. Sometimes there is an associated video!

Here is an example of  Education Coordinator Vicki Hoth sharing tips on quilting feathers.

As a Handi Quilter National Educator, I’m all about quilters being aware of and accessing all the great, free educational material Handi Quilter provides to our owner family and the quilting world. I think a big part of the fun of quilting is learning new things, new techniques, and new tools, all the time.

So let me share a few more places to find great tips for quilting.


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Handi Tips


Every other week Handi Quilter posts a video Handi Tip. They are on a variety of quilting related topics. Small tips to make your quilting faster, easier, more effective, or more fun.


Minute Motifs



Every other week (in between the Handi Tips) we post a Minute Motif. It’s a great free motion quilting design that you can add to your design stash. Who doesn’t want a bigger design stash? And for you Pro-Stitcher users, a special bonus: sometimes (not always) there is a digitized version of the design to add to your digital design stash!

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by Mary Beth Krapil