by Johnny Barfuss and Mary Beth Krapil

As some of you may have noticed, we released a new version of our Pro-Stitcher software recently. You can find it here. It was released as Beta Premium version 00.00.2378. We made a video explaining the newest features and we will share those features here as well.

What does Beta mean? A “beta version” of software means it is still in testing and development, usually for a limited number of people. At Handi Quilter we have a team of engineers who develop the software, as well as a team of people who test it. We released this latest update as a beta version because wanted to get it onto the machines of the people who will be using it most, our customers, so that we could get your feedback. Remember, you can always rollback to a previous version if you find you are having difficulties.

New Features

Opti-Stitch: This feature automatically calculates the speed and acceleration to match a chosen design and responds with optimal stitch performance. With Opti-Stitch your Pro-Stitcher will smoothly slow down and speed up, in and out of corners and curves. Designs will stitch out with improved accuracy – even with the most intricate patterns.

Manual control of speed and acceleration:  You’ll have more control, so that you can modify performance if necessary. That means you can get the most accurate stitch from your machine and your chosen designs. The default is set for an Acceleration of 40 and Speed Percent of 100. Control these by pressing the customize button and setting each to whatever you desire.


Basting stitch button: When you select the baste button, you can adjust the size you prefer for your basting stitches. Then, every time you want to baste, you can simply click the button on the screen and toggle back and forth between basting and regular stitching.


You can also assign this button as one of your favorites on the left side of the screen. It will always be at your fingertips!

Motors locked or unlocked at the end of a pattern: This is something many of our quilters have been requesting. It makes tie-offs and transitions faster and easier. This can be changed in the settings tab > advanced button > general, then look in the side bar on the right.

Design Points view: When selected, this shows all of the design points of a pattern. It’s a new button on the ribbon under View. This will be especially helpful when selecting a new start or end point. You will be able to see exactly where the design will start to stitch after using Start Auto or End Auto.


Changes and Improvements

We have improved the integration of the Infinity thread cutter use at the end of a row or end of a pattern.

Simulation license will no longer be required. This will make it easier to load Pro-Stitcher onto another tablet or computer.

Some user-interface icons have been updated. We wanted to make a clear differentiation between the Information tab and the On-screen Help button (blue question mark) in the upper right hand corner. The icons chosen are more in-line with other user interface icons you’re accustomed to.

We rearranged the side bar on the right under the Modify tab > Align button. The “Center” tool is placed by itself (a more logical place). We also changed the layout of the sidebar under Modify tab > Rotate button to be more logical.

Under the Repeat tab the “Fit” tool on the sidebar is now called “Fill”. It functions the same, it’s just a more descriptive name for that tool.

We are super excited for this release and look forward to hearing your feedback. Please let us know what you think by using the form here.