Image of Handi Quilter Ambassador Linda Poole

Linda Poole

When Linda was a little girl, she had an insatiable desire to make things. Luckily, she was part of a family that understood her well. Her roots were firmly planted by a talented, loving, and generous European family that always put family first and strongly encouraged freedom of artistic expression. Linda has inherited the good fortune of learning from generations of artists, sewists, silversmiths, sculptors, poets, weavers, stained-glass artisans, and writers.

Linda’s maternal grandmother let her work the treadle part of the sewing machine while she sewed. Her grandmother was a smart cookie because she found a way to give an energetic little girl a way to have fun and participate. Soon she propped Linda on her lap and showed her how to sew.

Linda had her own needles, scissors, and threads before kindergarten and was taught to respect her tools. She remembers her mother teaching her to sew, crotchet, knit, and embroider. Linda’s father took her on adventures, where she always had her little Instamatic camera in tow. Her Christmas gifts were always about art, sewing, and creating. An artist’s easel, paints, brushes, paper, and her own art table were some of her favorite gifts. As an adult looking back, Linda is thankful for the thought and time her parents gave to nurturing her natural curiosity and love for art.

Linda’s entire life has always revolved around photography, writing, painting, and sewing. These interests have fueled her passion for travel, teaching, and sharing her experiences with people around the world. She has taught throughout the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Austria, and French Polynesia, to name just a few locations. Linda  believes language is never a barrier in the translation of quilts.

Linda Poole lives with her husband Ray Williams and Corgi pup Zoie near Milford, Pennsylvania, a beautiful region in the northeastern part of the state. Together they share the passion of discovering the gifts of nature while hiking trails that lead to creeks, brooks, rivers, and lakes. Ray can be found with his fishing pole in hand with Linda by his side clicking away with her camera. Learn more about Linda at