Kimberly Sandberg

Kimberly was taught to sew at an early age by her mother and grandmothers. She sewed almost all of her own clothing through junior high and high school. During her senior year of high school, she found a picture of a log cabin quilt, got out some graph paper, and drafted her first quilt. It took her 5 years to finish that quilt, but a lifelong love of the craft blossomed.

In 2003, Kimberly attempted to quilt on her home machine for the first time and was hooked. From there, she graduated to a longarm in 2007. She became a professional longarm quilter in 2016. Using her HQ Avanté® with Pro-Stitcher®, she creates and quilts designs with precision and adds whimsical touches with free-motion quilting. Kimberly loves the process of choosing designs to complement and highlight patchwork piecing. Over the years, she has evolved from a very traditional quilter to a more modern quilter. She began teaching quilting classes several years ago, and loves passing on her passion and knowledge about quilting to her students. She has traveled all over the US teaching for Handi Quilter and is now very excited to spend her days in the Handi Quilter Studio.

Kimberly is very involved in the quilting community, and is a member of various quilt guilds. Besides quilting, she loves to read, cook and go hiking in the Utah mountains with her husband, kids and her dog.


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