As the year draws to an end, our thoughts go to our New Year’s resolutions. Do you make them? Did you keep the ones you made in 2019? How did that work out for you?

Here’s some help that will make those resolutions for 2020 a no-brainer.

We all know quilting is fun with the side benefit of creating beautiful things. But did you know that quilting is good for your health? There’s actual scientific evidence that this is true!

Prevent memory loss

Studies that show that hobbies like quilting or photography can cut the risk of dementia. A recent study by Dr Yonas Geda, a neuropsychiatrist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota shows that participation in crafts and other activities which exercise the brain, can have a protective effect and help prevent memory loss. Those who kept mentally active in their middle age, through reading, arts and crafts and other pursuits, were about 40 percent less likely to develop memory loss than those who did not. The scientists found that those who kept mentally active in later years cut their chance of developing memory loss by between 30 and 50 per cent. I like those statistics!

Feel better

In another study researchers at the University of Glasgow published their findings in the peer-reviewed Journal of Public Health after conducting qualitative research using a local quilting group as their source. The results show “Quilting seemed to possess some distinct properties for enhancing well-being that would not be replicable through outdoor/physical activity.” Certainly don’t trade in your walking shoes, physical activity has its own set of benefits, but don’t feel guilty when you head to your sewing room for a little quilty time. It’s just as good for you and way more fun!

Lower Stress

Quilting also lowers stress levels. According to Kelly Lambert, PhD, “quilters feel a sense of accomplishment that increases your ‘reward chemicals’ and decreases the chemicals related to stress or anxiety.” Lower stress levels gives way to a myriad of benefits against many health risks. And the bonus…you have a beautiful quilt.

Lower risk of heart disease

In yet another study a clinical psychologist published research in the Journal of the American Medical Association showing evidence that quilting leads to decreased blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. Sounds like relaxation to me.

Ready to resolve to be more healthy?

With all that scientific evidence, maybe your New Year’s resolutions should drop  “eat less sugar”  and add “quilt daily”? All in the name of better health!

From all of us at Handi Quilter!

by Mary Beth Krapil