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New Tools for a new year

There’s nothing like a few new tools for a new year in your quilting studio. And Handi Quilter has you covered at the start of 2020! We have some great new accessories to make your quilting better, easier, more accurate, and more fun.


HQ Pinpoint Needle Laser

First up is the Handi Quilter Pinpoint Needle Laser. Owners of the next generation machines (Infinity, Forte and Amara) have been enjoying this feature on their machines and now, owners of the Fusion, Avante, Simply Sixteen, Sweet Sixteen and Capri and other machines, even domestic sewing machines, can enjoy the same benefits.

Handi Quilter laser pinpoint

The Needle Laser accessory provides a guide for accurate needle placement at the start or end of a quilting design. The laser light is adjustable for precise alignment with the machine needle. Compatible with most longarm machines with USB ports at the front of the machine. Don’t have a USB port available? No worries! This accessory can be installed on any longarm or domestic machines with the addition of a USB 2.0 wall charger and USB 2.0 Type-A male to female extender cable (not included). This tool is especially useful for robotic system users (like Pro-Stitcher) to create accurate placement of designs.

Handi Feet Micro Foot

Handi Quilter

We have a new foot added to our line-up of useful feet that is great for any time you need to really see the needle. The Micro Foot is ideally designed for micro quilting, stippling, and thread painting. The Micro Foot also provides precise access to the quilting area when working with embellishments. The base of the foot will allow a clear view of the stitching path in every direction. Your machine needs to be fitted with a Handi Feet mount that works with the interchangeable Handi Feet. NOTE: To use the Micro Foot, the machine must have been purchased after November 2014, OR you first need to install the Handi Feet Conversion Kit.

Handi Quilter


Pro-Stitcher Designer

Pro-Stitcher Designer needs a blog post all its own, so stay tuned! In the mean time think about getting those new tools for a new year.

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