We are back from Houston Market and Festival! It was both exciting and exhausting all rolled into one. We had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones. We also loved introducing the new Handi Quilter accessories and the new HQ Capri 18-inch stationary machine with the HQ InSight™ table. Quilters all love new “stuff,” especially if it makes our quilting faster, easier and more fun.

If you “LIKE” our Handi Quilter Facebook page you might have seen Ashlee Rudert, HQ Show Coordinator, on Facebook Live talking about our new gadgets. If you missed it, you can see it here.

I’ll share here as well so you won’t suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

HQ Bungee Grabbers

Bungee grabbers

Bungee Grabbers™ are compatible with HQ Gallery 2™, HQ Studio™ 1 & 2 and HQ Fusion™ Frames. Special cam cleats lock the bungee cords in place after a quilt sandwich is secured in the side clamps. They work much easier than the original bungee clamp and can be operated with one hand.

HQ Black Light

black light

Remember the 70’s?  Remember black lights and how they made your white socks glow purple? Then you know exactly how useful the HQ Black Light will be when you want to mark your quilting designs or guidelines for quilting on light-colored or white fabrics. I like to use white marking products that I know will not hurt the fabric and will remove easily. Seeing those marks on light colored fabrics can be challenging. HQ Black Light to the rescue! The UV Lamp will show the white color thread, pen, or pencil, on white fabric. The thread or markings will show in purple for better contrast under the UV light. Now I can see my markings without any worry of those marks remaining on the quilt!

HQ Sweet Spots and HQ Paddles

If you are a stationary machine quilter (you move the fabric) whether on a domestic machine or longarm, you will love these helpers.

Use HQ Sweet Spots and HQ Paddles to keep your quilting area flat while doing free-motion quilting.

Guide the quilt sandwich for free-motion quilting by placing them on either side of the machine needle while applying light downward pressure. The special non-slip material on the base ensures that the fabric moves without the layers shifting. The two control knobs on the HQ Paddles provide a comfortable free-motion quilting experience.

To maintain the non-slip properties of the base fabric, use sticky tape to remove lint and stray threads.

HQ Bobbin Tree

Keep your bobbins organized and at the ready. The Bobbin Tree holds 30 M-class bobbins and of course it’s in Handi Quilter purple! It will also hold domestic machine L-class bobbins. No more messy jumble of thread and bobbins!

You can find all of these new Handi Quilter accessories at your local Handi Quilter retailer or on our website.
Once again Handi Quilter is making it easier to finish more quilts! I love that!
by Mary Beth Krapil