Machine Quilting the Modern Way

by Mary Beth Krapil

Machine Quilting Exhibition (MQX) East was held in Manchester, New Hampshire April 11-14, 2018. It was an honor and a privilege for Handi Quilter to sponsor the prizes for the category entitled Machine Quilting the Modern Way.

Congratulations to the winners! The quilts are wonderfully creative. Here are the quilts with the artists’ statements.

Honorable Mention

Ice Bubbles – Quilted by Kathleen Riggins – Pieced by Jess Frost and Katherine Jones

Ice Bubbles is inspired by the ice bubbles that form in Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada. In Australia, Jess pieced the aqua improv panels, before Kat added curves using her bias applique techniques. Then they worked together on the background before shipping it to Canada for Kathleen to quilt and finish. The quilting is all hand guided.


Third Place

Nesting Squares – Quilted and pieced by Patricia Washburn of Massachusetts

Nesting Squares is a pattern from the book Improvising Tradition by Alexandra Ledgerwood. I was interested in learning a new technique for me, modern strata, the piecing together of bits of fabric to create a new piece of fabric. The machine quilting is 100% hand guided.


Second Place

Wrinkly / Irony – Quilted and pieced by Connie Griner of North Carolina

This quilt was inspired by an internet post that defined the word “irony” as the opposite of “wrinkly”. I have converted this idea into a visual format. Improvisational piecing sets the mood for the disorder of the “wrinkly” universe, while uniform white tiles maintain order on the “irony” side. Can you find the seeds of imperfection that have been planted? The machine quilting is 60% computerized, 40% hand guided.


First Place

United – Quilted and pieced by Inger Blood of California

People of the world are different but still connected by Love, Compassion, Kindness, Patience, Wisdom, Graciousness, and Respect. The machine quilting is 100% hand guided.

Well done!


Machine Quilting the Modern Way  Sponsored by Handi Quilter
HM                   Ice Bubbles by Katherine Jones & Jess Frost
3rd Place          Nesting Squares by Patricia Washburn
2nd Place         Wrinkly / Irony by Constance Griner
1st Place           United by Inger Blood