Ice Dyed Challenge Quilts

by Mary Beth Krapil

A few weeks ago all of the Handi Quilter educators gathered at HQ’s HQ (headquarters) in Salt Lake City, UT for fun, food, and (oh Yeah) a little bit of training. We are now ready and raring to go, to share Handi Quilter happiness worldwide.

We were excited to see our ice dye quilts on display in the Handi Quilter gallery. The quilts were the result of the Ice Dye Challenge that we received at out training in November 2016. We each chose a hand ice dyed piece created by Debra Linker. You can see more of Debra’s work on her Facebook page. We took them home and quilted them, spectacularly!

So here they are, in no particular order, for your enjoyment. My apologies; we had only a short time to talk about our quilts and the pictures were taken quickly. Pay no attention to the closed eyes and crooked shots!

Vicki Kerkvliet
Overland Park, KS


Susan Manry
Cedar Park, TX


Megan Best
Ferndale, WA


Mary Beth Krapil
Duncan, NC


Marie Eldredge
Salt Lake City, UT


Linda Matteotti
Tempe, AZ


Linda Gosselin
Millbury, MA


Kelly Ashton
Gunnison, UT


Kelli Burton
New Prague, MN


Jane Hauprich
Centreville, MD


Harriet Carpanini
Madison, IN


Gina Siembieda
Porter Ranch, CA


Denise Best
Independence, MO


Allison Spence
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

One of these days, I’ll get a chance to photograph the backs of the quilts. When I do, I will share them with you here. The quilting truly is spectacular!

Do you know any of these wonderful, talented ladies? Have you taken a class with any of them? Or met them at a show? Lucky you!

If you’re wondering where you can take a class, you can find the schedule of events here. Maybe there’s one coming soon near you!