We have a new member of our fabulous machine family: the new HQ Capri! And we are so excited to share some of her wonderful features.


The HQ Capri is a BIG machine for SMALL spaces. Free-motion quilting was never easier, and your stitches will be PERFECT with the HQ InSight Table with built-in HQ InSight stitch regulation. She’s a stationary longarm quilting machine with a roomy 18-inch throat space. Tons of room to accommodate those large quilts. And she’s FAST at 2,200 stitches per minute.

With InSight stitch regulation you can choose from 4-22 stitches per inch to get just the right look for any quilting style or design. It takes away the fear of finishing when you know your stitches will all be perfect. You can concentrate on your design work when you don’t have to worry about keeping your stitches even. As Forrest Gump would say, “One less thing to worry about!”

The HQ Capri has a fabulous lighting system with an LED light ring at the needle and throat space lighting that lets you see all your beautiful stitches as you quilt. Plus, you can adjust the lighting for the specific needs of your work. We all like to have control, right? There also is bobbin area lighting that’s perfect when cleaning and oiling the bobbin race.

Speaking of cleaning, the bobbin area of Capri features a dam that allows for use of canned air to quickly and easily clean away the lint and get back to quilting fast. Just like all our machines, the Capri only requires a drop of oil on the bobbin race every time you change the bobbin. No other lubrication maintenance is required by the quilter.

Even though the HQ Capri has four times the quilting space of the average home sewing machine (18 inches of throat space and 8 inches of vertical space), it will fit into even the smallest of quilting studios. The InSight table measures 32″ x 36″. If you have more space and would like additional table surface to support large quilts, optional 18″ x 32″ table extensions are available.

The HQ Capri package includes:

  • HQ Capri 18-inch stationary longarm
  • 36-inch by 32-inch HQ InSight Table with HQ InSight Stitch Regulation
  • Color touch screen with consumer-friendly icon display
  • HQ Capri Lighting Package: LED light ring, throat lighting, and bobbin light
  • Easy-Set Tension
  • Five bobbins, 20 needles, sample thread pack
  • Standalone Bobbin Winder
  • Handi Feet compatible; comes with the quarter-inch ruler foot installed and the open-toe foot

And a few things come with the package that you won’t find in the box.

  • Handi Quilter’s world-famous customer support and dedication to educating you on the use of your machine, so that you will have fun with it and finish more quilts.
  • Handi Quilter’s world-wide retailer network
  • HQ Warranty: 10 years casting, 5 years mechanical, and 5 years electrical
  • Educational videos, tutorials, and tips available at HandiQuilter.com and YouTube.com/HandiQuilterHQ – TONS of help right at your fingertips.
  • A world-wide community of Handi Quilter owners connected on social media. Facebook.com/HandiQuilter, Instagram @HandiQuilter to help you, cheer you on and celebrate each quilt you finish. When you purchase a Handi Quilter, you become a part of the family.
  • A team of 40+ national educators bringing you education events at local HQ retailer shops throughout the year and throughout North America and beyond.
  • Handi Quilter University – a retreat held several times each year right at the Handi Quilter facilities where our machines are designed, engineered and assembled. One of the best vacations you will ever take!
  • Handi Quilter Academy – a yearly event featuring the best quilting educators, multiple class offerings, fun, friendship and learning all rolled into one. THE best vacation you will ever take.

We are very proud of the newest member of our machine family. We hope you will love Miss Capri as much as we do! She’s sure to help you finish more quilts.


by Mary Beth Krapil