Handi Quilter Academy 2019 is in the books. It was bigger and better than all the Academies that have gone before. But the spirit was the same as it has been from the very first Academy. Everyone there, staff, teachers and attendees alike, were excited to share their passion. We all love to finish quilts and love exploring new and beautiful ways to accomplish that. We all filled our cups with inspiration from each other.

Hester Helen (Telene) Jeffrey, our keynote speaker, reminded us that inspiration is not going to just fall into our laps. We have to go out and look for it. And she gave us a great visual representation of what happens in our brains when we find inspiration in our world. She said we have to be open to new ideas, willing to try, and to believe in ourselves. You can do all those things at HQ Academy. And more.

At Academy you will laugh,

you will never go hungry,

you will make new friends,

and reunite with old friends who live far away.

You will share ideas,

and learn more than you ever thought was possible.

And let’s not forget the opportunity to shop!

Save the date for Handi Quilter Academy 2020. We would love to see YOU there!