I’m glad you’ve come back for even more new features of Pro-Stitcher Premium! The Pro-Stitcher Premium Beta software release was made available February 3, 2020. Click here for more information and to download the release. I have saved the best for last. We now have the ability to skew to triangles! I know, right? I can hear your shouts of joy all the way from here!  If you missed the previous posts you can read them here and here.

Three Skew Options

To access the skew function choose the Modify tab and the Skew button. On the sidebar you will see four options: No Skew, Skew, Border Skew and Triangle skew.

3 skew options

1. Skew

This equates to Skew 1 in previous versions. It’s great for 4 cornered, straight block areas. It is the one to use for 4 point area shapes that have fairly straight sides.

skewed block

2. Border Skew

Border Skew works for areas with 4 or more points. The reason it is called border skew is that it is really useful for those wonky borders. If you have been in my classes, you probably remember my sister-in-law, Judy. Judy has a bit of difficulty with sewing a straight, even seam and she also struggles with her rotary cutter. Here is an example of one of her borders.

border skew

You can see the bottom (seam between border and quilt) is pretty wobbly and the top (raw edge of border) shows her deficient fabric cutting skills. Poor Judy! And poor me, because I quilt her quilt tops. But Border Skew comes to my rescue! It will make the design fit between those undulations perfectly and makes me look like a really good quilter. Judy just needs more practice…..a lot more. 😉 If you reading this, Love you Judy!

3. Triangle Skew

With older versions it was a bit of a challenge to skew triangle designs into triangular shaped spaces on our quilts. Now it is a snap!

Here is an example of a design and the triangular area where I want to quilt that design.

plump feathers

Simply touch the Triangle skew button in the side bar and voila! Please note: Triangle Skew will only be an option when the area on your workspace consists of 3 points; otherwise it is greyed out.

skewed plump feathers

It could not be any easier!

Here’s another example with a straight line design.

straight triangle design

Triangle Skew activated.

straight skewed

Looks so good!

Sometimes the design needs to be rotated to look it’s best in the area. Triangle Skew first, and then Modify > Rotate.

curly feathers

Triangle Skew

feather curl skewed

Rotated 45 degrees clock-wise.

feather curls rotated 45

Rotated 90 degrees clock-wise

feather curls 90 degree rotation

Very fast, very easy, and so very cool!

Hope you enjoyed learning about the even more new features of Pro-Stitcher Premium over the last few posts. Is this your favorite, like it is mine? Let me know in the comments.

If you run into any issues on your Pro-Stitcher system with these features of the new Pro-Stitcher beta version we would love to hear your feedback.

Happy (Triangle skew) quilting!

by Mary Beth Krapil