There comes a time in every quilter’s life when some stitches land in unintended places. That’s when the seam ripper has to come out. Erasing quilting stitches is never fun. It’s boring, time consuming, and frustrating. All we can think about is how those stitches got there, where they don’t belong. <Sigh>

I’ve had a fair amount of experience with this situation, so I thought I would share the quickest and easiest method I have found for erasing quilting stitches. The trick is to tease out a top thread long enough to get hold of. Pull back on that top thread toward the stitches you are removing. The top thread will pull the bobbin thread to the top where you can cut it with your seam ripper.

cutting bobbin thread

When you pull back on the top thread again you will remove 3-6 more stitches. Cut bobbin, pull top, cut bobbin, pull top, etc.

Once all your errant stitches are erased, you’ll have to remove small bits of thread from the quilt, both top and back. The best tool for this is a sticky lint roller. I found this pretty one at the Dollar Store.

pretty lint roller

Roll the back. Just reach under with the lint roller. Feel the back with your hand to make sure you got it all.

underside of quilt

Then roll the top.

quilt top

Hopefully during the process you figured out the error of your ways and devised a way to NEVER LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN.

by Mary Beth Krapil, Handi Quilter National Educator