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There were some fantastic quilts (as always) at AQS Quiltweek in Charleston, SC. Charleston was a new location and venue for the show and it was wonderful. Convenient hotels and lots of great eateries in the area made it a fun destination. Charleston features history, shopping and beaches as well. The quilt show was the number one attraction and it did not disappoint. I noticed some unusual quilts with unusually edgy edges. These quilts had some unique edge treatments that really caught my eye, and of course I have to share them with you.

Traditional Edges

Here’s a beautiful example of a traditional edge treatment. This gorgeous quilt has nice straight sides and perfect square corners.

AQS Charleston

Whimsey Court
by Jane Ramee
of New Orleans
quilted by Carol Hilton


This masterpiece was the first one to catch my eye with its unusual outer shape.

AQS Charelston

Magnificent Mile
by Mary Olson
of Aumsville, OR


Karen’s handsome quilt has perfectly symmetrical scallops.  Traditional, but a step away from straight edges.


Natalia’s Flower Basket
by Karen Kendo
of Harleyville, SC


The lovely large scallops on Simone’s wholecloth compliment and enhance her enchanting quilting.

large scallops

Green is Gold
by Simone Steuxner
of Sveg, Haerjedalen, Sweden


Gentle undulations are a variation of scallops on this beauty.


Journey to Friendship
by Journey Girls
of Kevil, KY
quilted by Karen Kineman and Norma Tilford

Edgy Edges

The edges of this quilt follow the interesting openings that give this delicate quilt its name.


by Antonia Hering
of Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Netherlands


Aline and Natasha took scallops to a whole new level!

Golden Galaxy
by Aline Bugarin and Natasha Bugarin
of Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Amoeba in Pink is perfect with its asymmetrical scallops that define the undefinable shape of an amoeba.


Amoeba in Pink
by Claire Marks
of Bremerton, WA


Kathleen took this edgy edges concept to the extreme.

extreme edges

A Blanket of Smow
by Kathleen V. Stuart
of Ocean Isle Beach, NC

So if you’re looking to add some edginess to your next quilt, hopefully you can take a little inspiration from these examples. Quilt shows are the best place to get new ideas!

by Mary Beth Krapil