by Mary Beth  Krapil
It’s time to meet another of our wonderful Handi Quilter Ambassadors, Laurie Tigner.
Laurie is an award-winning quilter residing in South Dakota. Although she doesn’t have a favorite style of quilt, she has a definite affinity for whole-cloth quilts and painting religious icons (some on fabric and then quilted). Laurie first discovered stitchery while a young girl of 8 or 9 when she completed an embroidered pillowcase. In the summer of 2007, Laurie attended her first quilt show. She went home and talked to her husband about retiring from nursing. They immediately ordered a longarm quilting machine and Laurie learned longarm quilting skills. Laurie quilts on an HQ Fusion and admits to being addicted to quilting.

Silver Madonna 2012

HQ:  What does being an HQ Ambassador mean to you?
LT: It is a chance to get out there and promote a product that I dearly love while teaching and quilting.  What could be better? Since my first encounter with HQ, I have been smitten with their kindness and integrity as a company.
HQ: How long have you been an HQ Ambassador?
LT: Just over two years.
HQ:  What is the most fun thing you have done as an HQ Ambassador?
LT: It is hard to choose just one thing, but I particularly loved my visit to teach at Pinhole Quilting in the UK.  I absolutely fell in love with the owners and the students alike.  So much talent there!  Such kind people! The teaching venue was just something out of a dream and having lived in the UK while serving in the USAF,  it was just magical to get to visit the country again.
HQ: Of all your quilts, which is your favorite?
LT: That is so easy.  My last quilt that was finished earlier this year.   It is called Moment in Time.  While teaching for HQ in India last year, I had an encounter with an elderly man who was admiring a shiny new motorcycle while I watched from just a few feet away.  The quiet dignity of his demeanor captured me.  There is so much meaning in the subject as well as the construction of it.   I think it will always be my favorite quilt.

Moment in Time – Jan 2018

HQ:  Do you still have your first quilt?
LT: No.  I don’t even remember what my first quilt was.  Most of my quilts are given away, often to people I either don’t know or barely know, so am not even sure where they all are.  For me it is just about the joy of making them.
HQ: Who is your inspiration/muse?
LT: Everything around me.  Mostly just a passing color combination or a piece of architecture that I can build on.  Everything I seem to see wants to be translated into a quilt. If only there were enough hours in a day.    As far as another quilter, I would have to say I am crushing on the work of Jane Sassaman.  I love her work!  Her color choices and patterns are amazing!
HQ:  Of all the “tasks” in creating a quilt, which is your fave and least favorite?
LT: My favorite task in creating a quilt is the actual quilting which is followed closely by the actual designing phase.  I love watching a design morph as it is actually created.  So seldom does it stay like the original sketches.  Oh heck,  I love it all, EXCEPT the binding.   By that time, my mind is firmly on the creation of something new.   It is my testing of patience in this life to sit and sew a binding on when there is new and exciting fabric to be cut for another project.

Gilbert – 2016


Waiting for Mr Fraser 2016


Blue Danube 2015


Carved in Stone
October 2017

HQ: Thank you Laurie! We can’t wait to see what you create next. Where can someone get in touch with you or see more of your work?
LT: I no longer have a website but I am available by email.   I also have a professional page on Facebook, Laurie Tigner Designs. I am TRYING to learn Instagram!
I love teaching at guilds, as you get the full immersion thing going.  You not only get to teach among a group that are already friends, but you have the time to make new quilting friends. If your guild is interested in hosting a workshop, please contact me by email.