This is my ice dyed mini created by the talented, Debra Linker, and gifted by Handi Quilter. It’s uniquely beautiful. I am itching to quilt it.

Each person who attended HQ Academy got to take one of these treasures home with them. Handi Quilter issued a challenge: to quilt them and bring them back, to be displayed at next year’s Academy. Which by the way will be June 16-19, 2020. I cannot wait to see!

The ice dyed minis created a centerpiece at each table at our banquet.

When they are together it is amazing! The colors play together and compliment each other. And what quilter can’t appreciate the beauty of 250 hand dyed fat quarters all in one place?

See the ice dye quilts hung on the wall in the background? The HQ Educators quilted those a few years ago. I wrote a blog post them a while back. Sadly, many of our older posts were lost in a major website crash. I will share those quilts with you next week. This year HQ created a fun poster of those quilts.

ice dyed baby poster


The Spirit of Academy

It’s just that way with us. Each quilter is creative, talented, and uniquely beautiful. But when we come together it is amazing. We play together, compliment each other and best of all learn from each other. The spirit that is created by the joining of us all in one place is the most fantastic thing ever. That’s what HQ Academy is all about. Every one of us returns home enriched.

I hope that when you get home, you have a guild or bee or simply some quilty friends with which you can pass along the spirit of Academy and a thing or two of what you learned.

Don’t forget to quilt your ice dyed mini. Seeing all of them together again, this time quilted, will be amazing!

By Mary Beth Krapil