Image of Handi Quilter Ambassador Luke Haynes

Luke Haynes

Luke Haynes is an architect turned quilter. He comes from a strong art and design background that informs his quilt work in a different way than is generally associated with quilting. He makes quilts to discuss utility in aesthetics and because, as he says “I like the tactile craft of constructing works out of fabric”.

Luke’s most recent works have been investigating nostalgia and function. He works with quilts because they subconsciously embody these sentiments while lending a unique materiality to the process and resultant product. He can work with disparate pieces of fabric and create a cohesive final product that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Luke’s quilting philosophy embraces exploring ways of using fabric as a medium for both functional quilts as well as wall hangings. He says “The resultant dialogue between quilting as a pastime of assembling purchased fabrics and quilting as a skill of constructing usable objects from unusable cloth reflects a current societal tension. For each viewer the alchemy is within the craftsmanship and creative eye of the quilter and their work, as demonstrated in the Gee’s Bend quilts. They were brought into national attention as they toured the country through contemporary art museums and galleries. Those quilts constructed for warmth from overused cloth became intriguing art objects.”

Luke is interested in the choices quilters make to express themselves to the world. He believes that they create an environment around themselves to inform others how they desire to be perceived. By quilting, he is initiating a dialogue between the immediate environments he creates, and the environments we inhabit. The cloth becomes the medium that he uses to create images and scenes rather than conceal and contain. Luke challenges the viewer to reexamine quilts and cloth in his work. By viewing the pieces, the viewer takes away a new understanding of craft and function, as well as art and materiality.

Luke’s work is shown across the country, and exists primarily within the world of fine arts, showing in galleries and museums. He is taking quilting to the masses of literate artisans that may yet not know the ripe qualities of the medium.

Luke lives in Seattle Washington. You can see his work at

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