Image of Handi Quilter Ambassador Birgit Schüeller

Birgit Schüller

Birgit Schüller discovered piecing patchwork and quilting by accident in 2001. With two very young children, she didn’t have time to take classes and thus taught herself the do‘s and don’ts from books and magazines. Also, she didn’t feel comfortable to have works-in-progress with lots of pins and needles laying around in her house, so she immediately started quilting her quilts on her domestic sewing machine. From the beginning, Birgit added her own twist to known quilting patterns, and as early as in February 2002, she was asked to teach classes at a friend’s quilt store. From these humble beginnings, Birgit has been operating a successful longarm quilting business with an international customer base in Germany since 2005. Since Birgit is located at the edge of the longarm quilting world, self-teaching continues to be her key strategy.

Over the last nine years, she has won numerous awards in major U.S., European, and international shows (such as MQS, MQX, HMQS, MMQS, OEQC, FoQ, AQS Lancaster, Vermont Quilt Festival, AQS Grand Rapids, AQS Lancaster, Northwest Quilting Expo, QwM, AMQ Festival, IQFOI, British
Stitch & Quilt Village show, Quilts UK, the Scottish Quilt Chamipinships). She has received Best of Show, Solitaire, and Viewer’s Choice awards for both her quilts and quilted garments.
Birgit designs, pieces, and quilts all of her show quilts and garments herself. Her piecing designs are based on traditional patchwork but she challenges herself to take these traditional roots to contemporary levels.
While she likes bold colors and high contrast in her designs, Birgit’s quilting style combines playful and elegant elements. She likes to take a theme from the fabrics used in a top and to continue this theme in her quilting. Her goal is to enhance every top without overpowering the piecing.
Wherever possible, Birgit prefers free-motion quilting which allows her to let her creative juices flow – and it shows! Learn more about Birgit at