Handi Feet Sure Foot




The Sure Foot provides a taller profile for additional stability while working with rulers and templates.  Compatible with all HQ machines with Interchangeable Foot Mount.

NOTE: All optional Handi Quilter feet for HQ longarms require your Handi Quilter machine have the Interchangeable Foot Mount.  HQ machines manufactured before November 2014 may need the Handi Feet Conversion Kit installed to make optional feet compatible with your machine.

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3.5 × 1.5 in

4 reviews for Handi Feet Sure Foot

  1. Karmel M Sowers

    I expected the outside diameter of (OD) the sure foot to be the same as the regular hopper foot. The OD is much larger than a regular hopper foot and does not fit between the toes of the rulers that I own. The OD of the standard hopper foot ranges fro 12.74 to 12.84 mm. The OD of the first sure foot ranges from 13.32 to 13.48 mm; the OD of the second sure foot ranges from 13.31 to 13.45 mm. Extremely disappointed but I am hopeful that HQ will resolve the problem.

  2. Linda Natale

    I do a lot of ruler work. Since I had
    Be been using the ruler foot I have not clipped my rulers. Benefit is saving rulers and not having to have my machine in the shop to fix timing after I hit a ruler. Great product.

  3. Tracy Botsford

    I love the extra assurance to not damage my machine or rulers. Never ruler work without it. For a little money I protect an investment of thousands. Sweet Sixteen owner.

  4. Joanna Hansen Hansen (verified owner)

    ok, I resisted buying one of these, cause I didn’t catch the introducing video in a timely manner, so the $10 limited time discount was unavailable, grrr.
    But having recently had my Avante serviced (house call by the local rep, Yah!), I thought it would be a good investment in NOT having to re-time machine/get a new ruler.
    And yup…ruler work is MUCH easier, I didn’t ‘over-top’ the ruler with this new foot nearly as much as I used to.
    So, I advise, invest it this one.

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