Join Handi Quilter for a day full of Pro-Stitcher education via a private Facebook group.  Classes will be available on the FB page on Thurs Dec 3rd and will continue to be available for viewing as long as Facebook supports the group.

Purchasing this ticket will put  your email on the “approval list”, but you must have a Facebook account to view the class.

One business day after purchasing your ticket, go to Facebook and search for “Learn at Home Pro-Stitcher Beyond the Basics PS101” and ask to join.  We ask the question “What is your email?”.  Answer with the same email you use here at and we’ll approve you to join the group.

Educators – Classes

Susan Manry – A-Z Cropping
Gina Siembieda – Your New BFF’s – Mark, Move & Record
Amy Domke – Everything Borders