Nicholas Turcan

Nicholas Turcan is a multitalented and very creative individual. His journey into quilting began in 2012 with one quilt that quickly turned into several, which made him realize that he needed a better way to finish these quilt tops than a small, domestic-sized machine.

In 2014, Nicholas purchased the HQ Fusion® to help with this task. It didn’t take very long to realize that the creativity this machine unleashed from within him deserved to be shared. To further feed his quilting obsession, he took a part-time job at a local quilt shop, where his passion for fabrics, quilting, and designing patterns grew. He is now a talented longarm quilter who helps his clients enhance their quilts with his creativity. In 2020 after the pandemic struck and things shut down, he took a moment to decide what he wanted to do with his life and decided to become a full-time quilter! Taking the plunge and invest- ing in Pro-Stitcher® Premium allowed him to keep up with the overflow of quilts that started to pour in from every housebound quilter.

Early in 2021, Nicholas had the chance to lease a coveted studio on Granville Island and move into a much larger space, which has allowed him to set up a in-person classroom as well as create a small filming studio for virtual classes, trunk-shows, and video tutorials.

In addition to long-arm quilting for customers, he has started to teach free-motion quilting workshops, where students can learn the confidence and skills required to further their own quilting abilities.

To find out more information about Nicholas, please visit his website and check out his YouTube channel Mystery Stitch Designs.