Karen King

At age 14, Karen King took a sewing class in high school and chose to make a three-piece suit. With the watchful eye of an amazing instructor, it t. This positive experience along with watching her mother and grandmother sew and create, inspired Karen to sew and create. After years of learning to sew, Karen began to enjoy other forms of creativity including hand and machine embroidery, smocking, heirloom sewing, and basic quilting.

In 2010 Karen tested a computerized longarm quilting machine at a Sew Expo. She knew instantly that this was for her. She began a longarm business immediately. In fact, while it was being unloaded and assembled in her home, her good neighbor dropped by and said she already had friends who needed her service. So, Karen got busy learning as quickly as possible. After learning this unique skill, she has enjoyed teaching others who have the same desire to learn longarm quilting. She has taught in person as well as over zoom and FaceTime. Quilting on her Innity® with Pro-Stitcher® Premium is a dream come true! It has been a joy to quilt with and is remarkably user-friendly to operate. She has won two blue 1st place ribbons on this machine.

Prior to being a stay-at-home mom to her four children, Karen enjoyed every facet of the business world. Working as an administrative assistant and then a legal assistant, she enjoyed the fast-paced culture in this environment. Her husband, Bryan, is her bookkeeper, technical support, and biggest supporter. She is able to ‘soar’ because of his encouragement. They live in Bothell, Washington, have four married children, and seven grandchildren (going on eight).