Alma Burton

Alma Burton

Alma Burton began sewing as a child, after being hit in the eye with a baseball. Her grandmother declared that girls should be sewing, not playing baseball, and put a needle and thread in her hand. Alma made a doll dress, beginning her lifetime of sewing, eventually leading to over 25 years of quilting.

A self-taught longarm quilter, Alma’s prized tools are the HQ Avanté® with Pro-Stitcher® and Art & Stitch software programs. She enjoys teaching and is a creative, spunky professional who uses the latest technology to create incredible pieces of art. She believes anyone can learn to custom quilt and wants to share as much as possible with those wanting to learn this wonderful craft.

Alma believes one of the greatest joys in life is seeing a quilt you have made with your own two hands being used to cover those you love, wrapping them with safety and warmth; a toddler fast asleep on a mountain of quilts made into a bed on the floor. Those moments are what Alma calls “the sweet life.”

Alma resides in North Carolina and is eager to share her creativity and knowledge with other quilters. Read more about Alma at

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