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    Price is per caster. Casters put the HQ Little Foot Frame, HQ Studio or Studio2 Frame, HQ Fusion Frame, HQ Gallery or Gallery2 Frame on wheels so you can easily move the frame. Each frame requires four to eight casters, depending on the length (and number of legs) of the frame. (A caster replaces each leveling foot in the frame.)

    NOTE: These casters do not fit original HQ Avante or HQ Fusion frames with curved back legs. Sold individually.

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    Image of the Handi Hammock in use on a quilting machine Image of the Handi Hammock

    Handi Hammock

    $49.95 $42.45
    Conveniently store and protect quilt batting while quilting. Hardware included to permanently install your hammock on your Handi Quilter longarm frame. Compatible with 10-foot and 12-foot HQ Studio, HQ Studio2, HQ Gallery and HQ Gallery2 quilting frames.  Not for use with Little Foot or Loft Frames.
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    Image of the HQ My Secret Drawer Installed on a frame Image of the HQ My Secret Drawer

    My Secret Drawer

    $249.95 $212.45
    NOTE: Assembly is required. Not compatible with original HQ Avante or HQ Fusion frames with curved back legs. Screwdriver is not included. All other required tools provided. What will you keep in YOUR Secret Drawer? Take advantage of the open space under your longarm frame by installing My Secret Drawer. Store up to 96 cones of thread or your entire ruler and template collection.
  • Sale!
    30 Purple Bobbins packaged in a Bobbin Box. M-class aluminum bobbins compatible with all Handi Quilter longarm machines. Bobbins are included in a clear plastic case with tray, great for keeping organized.
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    Image of HQ Mini Casters on the bottom of a table
    The HQ Mini Casters provide convenient portability for the HQ InSight Table or HQ Loft Frame. Each set includes two locking casters. Compatible with HQ InSight Table and HQ Loft Frame, only—will not work with other Handi Quilter frames or tables.  Maximum weight per caster – 100lbs
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    Image of the HQ Bobbin Tree with different colored bobbins Image of the HQ Bobbin Tree

    HQ Bobbin Tree

    $24.95 $21.20
    Stacking storage for M-class bobbins. Holds up to 30 filled L- or M-class bobbins. Exclusive from Handi Quilter! NOTE: Bobbins not included. Not available for sale outside of North America.
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    Image of the HQ Tool Tray 2 with all the pieces spread in front of the tray Image of the HQ Tool Tray 2

    HQ Tool Tray 2

    $79.95 $67.95
    NOTE: Some assembly required. The NEW! Tool Tray2 comes with 16 dividers so that you can divide space and organize just the way you want. Better yet, the Tool Tray2 will fit any size frame, regardless of make or model! Measures 8.75" x 32.25" x 3.25". Some assembly required.
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    Great add-on, easy slide drawer for your InSight Table.  Add a second drawer to double your storage space.
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