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Gallery – Educator Challenge Quilts 2021

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit Handi Quilter, you know we have a gallery on the 2nd floor. There’s always a quilt show there! A new collection was recently hung, the 2021 Educator Challenge quilts.

The Challenge

A little history: most years the Handi Quilter national educators are issued a challenge of some sort. In 2021 we were given some fabrics and asked to make 12 identical 8″ blocks. We could choose any block to make. When we met, we saved one block and turned in the remaining eleven to be distributed among those who participated. That meant we received 11 different blocks made by our fellow educators. The real challenge came when we were told to include the blocks in a quilt, any size, any design, with, of course, FABULOUS quilting.

The Gallery

The gallery is open to the public most days when the Handi Quilter offices are open. If you would like to visit, just give us a call to let us know you’re coming. (You can also get a tour of the building if you wish.) Many of you cannot visit the HQ gallery in person, so I thought I’d share the quilts with you here. They are beautiful!

panorama of a portion of the Handi Quilter gallery


So without further ado…..

The Quilts

Waynna Kershner

Hopscotch With a Twist by Waynna Kershner


detail of Hopscotch With a Twist


Label for Hopscotch With a Twist

Vicki Kerkvliet

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends by Vicki Kerkvliet


label for I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends


detail of I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Patty Kerns

Circle of Friends by Patty Kerns


Label from Circle of Friends


detail of Circle of Friends

Micki Chappelear

Friends by Micki Chappelear


label from Friends


Detail of Friends

Mary Yoder

Block Exchange 2021 by Mary Yoder


Label from Block Exchange 2021


Detail of Block Exchange 2021

Martha Higdon

HQ Challenge by Martha Higdon


Label for HQ Challenge


Detail of HQ Challenge

Linda Gosselin

A Walk Around the Block With Friends by Linda Gosselin


Label for A Walk Around the Block With Friends


Detail of A Walk Around the Block With Friends


Lana Russel

Handi Quilter Block Exchange Challenge by Lana Russel


Label for Handi Quilter Block Exchange Challenge


Detail of Handi Quilter Block Exchange Challenge


Kristina Whitney


Peachy Keen by Kristina Whitney


Label for Peachy Keen


Detail of Peachy Keen


Work or Play by Kristina Whitney


Label for Work or Play???


Detail of Work or Play???

Kimberly Flannagan

On-Point by Kimberly Flannagan


Label for On-Point


Detail of On-Point

Kim Sandberg

Connections by Kim Sandberg


Label for Connections

Detail of Connections


Kaye Collins

Every Which Way by Kaye Collins


Label for Every Which Way


Detail of Every Which Way

Karen Arnold

Traveling Quilting Circle by Karen Arnold


Label for Traveling Quilting Circle


Detail of Traveling Quilting Circle


Judy Hays

Finding Common Ground by Judy Hays


Label for Finding Common Ground


Detail of Finding Common Ground

Harriet Carpanini

Block Party by Harriet Carpanini

Label for Block Party


Gina Siembieda

Blocks By by Gina Siembieda

Label for Blocks By


Detail of Blocks By


Gail Berry-Graham

ICK by Gail Berry-Graham


Label for ICK


Detail of ICK

Diane Henry

Block Swap Challenge by Diane Henry


Label for Block Swap Challenge


Detail of Block Swap Challenge


Denise Dowdrick

Quilting with Friends by Denise Dowdrick


Label for Quilting with Friends


Detail of Quilting with Friends

Dee Maier-Adams

Handi Quilter Educator Challenge 2021 by Dee Maier-Adams


Label for Handi Quilter Educator Challenge 2021


Detail of Handi Quilter Educator Challenge 2021


Chris Davidson

Educator’s Block Swap Challenge Quilt by Chris Davidson


Label for Educator’s Block Swap Challenge Quilt


Detail of Educator’s Block Swap Challenge Quilt


Barb Tatera

Mid-Century Modern Meets Modern Quilting by Barb Tatera

Label for Mid-Century Modern Meets Modern Quilting


Detail of Mid-Century Modern Meets Modern Quilting


Amy VanGurp

Stolen Moments by Amy VanGurp


Label for Stolen Moments


Detail of Stolen Moments


Allison Spence


Block Swap Challenge by Allison Spence


Label for Block Swap Challenge


Detail of Block Swap Challenge


Aimee Losee

I Want to Play by Aimee Losee


Label for I Want to Play


Detail of I Want to Play

We hope someday you can visit the gallery. You never know what you might see but one thing is certain, it will be inspiring!


by Mary Beth Krapil

Quilts of Melissa Sobotka at the Handi Quilter Gallery

We are so lucky at Handi Quilter to have a gallery that features collections from exceptional quilters from all around the world. And right now, our gallery is filled with the lovely quilts of Melissa Sobotka. Melissa achieves a photo-realistic style of quilting by appliqueing raw edge pieces of batik fabrics. Then she enhances with inks to give greater depth.

Our gallery is open to the public. If you live nearby and would like to visit our gallery, you are welcome. Covid precautions are in force to keep our employees (and you) safe.  But I will share photos with you here if you are not able to see them in person. Enjoy!

Chihuly’s Gondola

quilts of Melissa Sobatka

detail Chihuly’s Gondola The Quilts of Melissa Sobotka

detail Chihuly’s Gondola


End of the Spin




Ode to Inspiration


Darshan of the Deities



The Calm


Archangel Haniel


Angel Watching Over Me


The quilts of Melissa Sobotka are usually quite realistic. Some of Melissa’s quilts are less photo-like and more painterly.


quilts of Melissa Sobatka

detail of Gorgeous


Natalia’s Russia


Santorini Sunset


Last but not least, a commentary on the times we are living in.


A Modern Pandemic


by Mary Beth Krapil



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Do You See What I See?

New HQ Gallery Collection, Do You See What I See? by Handi Quilter National Educators

Pareidolia – noun – the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features. That’s the definition according to  The Handi Quilter National Educators were issued a fun pareidolia quilting challenge. We were given a piece of ice-dyed fabric created by the fabulous hand dyer, Debra Linker. Our goal was to bring out what we “saw” in the pattern and colors of the fabric using quilting. That is how the new collection of quilts, Do You See What I See?, hanging in the Handi Quilter Gallery, came to be. Kind of a fiber arts Rorschach inkblot test.

The HQ gallery displays collections of quilts from various quilt artists throughout the year. You are welcome to come view the quilts if you are going to be in the Salt Lake City area. I am going to share them with you here, so you can see from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Ray D Ology by Mary Beth Krapil

Do you see what I see Ray D Ology

As soon as I saw my fabric I saw a ring of skulls. I had so much fun drawing the friendly skeletons and other designs, digitizing my drawings with Pro-Stitcher Designer, and stitching with my HQ Infinity. When stitching the background rays I really got a workout using the Crop feature in Pro-Stitcher, and it performed beautifully!

For the center design I chose to quilt a stylized version of the radiation symbol.

Aliens Around by Waynna Kershner

Waynna from Pennsylvania saw Aliens!  Her quilting is amazing.

Bug Out by Patty Kerns

Patty from Virginia saw bugs.

And she quilted some fabulous background designs.

Hidden Scourge by Adam Rateliff

Adam from Ohio saw fire breathing dragons.

He really made great use of his thread! and did some awesomely detailed quilting.

I The Beeholder by Denise Dowdrick

I think the colors in this fabric informed Denise from Utah as to what she saw.

Her bee is very detailed and the honeycomb background quilting brings it all home.

Laugh Kookaburra Laugh by Gina Siembieda

I can’t help but smile when I see Gina from California’s quilt with the googly eyes. Can you see those bird heads? The center must be filled with the best Kookaburro bird seed.

Monkey See Monkey Do by Judy Hays

Gorgeous quilting by Judy of Colorado and wait til you see her cute monkeys.


Night Owls by Julie Elliott

Julie from Colorado saw owls in the night.

Her center quilting design is pretty spectacular!

Pack by Megan Best

Megan from Washington State saw wolves. I had to really concentrate to see them in the fabric but once I saw her quilting, WoW! there they were.

Peacocks Primping their Plumes by Linda Gosselin

Try saying that 5 times fast! Linda from Massachusetts captured those feather plumes perfectly.

Regeneration Station by Lana Russel

Lana from Indiana saw some aliens powering up, hopefully for the long ride home.

Sweet Seraphim by Barb Tatera

Barb from Arizona got a little heavenly inspiration for her amazing quilting.

The Mothman by Martha Higdon

Martha from Indiana picked out some moths eating her fabric.

Hope you enjoyed this gallery tour. Did you see what we saw?


Quilt Alliance: Playing Favorites 2016 Quilt Contest


The nonprofit Quilt Alliance presents a contest, exhibition, and auction of small wall quilts every year. Handi Quilter is a contest sponsor and is currently hosting the exhibition in our gallery.


The 2016 contest was for all quilters, who were encouraged to submit regardless of their style (traditional, modern, art) or technique (longarm, hand quilting, applique, pieced). This year’s theme is “Playing Favorites” and entrants were also encouraged to work deep inside their comfort zone and their happy place. The rules were simple: make a 16” by 16” wall quilt showcasing their very favorite pattern or technique. The results are amazing, and one lucky quilter was the winner of her choice of an HQ Sweet Sixteen or HQ Simply Sixteen. And that lucky quilter was Margaret Cibulsky of Port Washington, NY, for her piece, “My Garden.”


Margaret said this about her quilt: “The whole style of this quilt was an experiment. While my favorite way to make a quilt is improvisational piecing, I had never used this technique with the intention of using my work as the background for a natural scene. Another first was the free-cut blooms which I attached with raw-edge applique and then using some fancy stitches on my machine to create greenery. All in all, this little quilt is one of my favorites!”
The judges indicated that “We were all in agreement about the appropriateness of My Garden for this prize. The maker is clearly not stuck in any particular genre. Cone flowers and daisies bloom atop a somewhat “improvisational” background of random-size squares and rectangles, mostly—but not entirely—solids. The free-form flowers, though not ultra-realistic, are easily recognizable and nicely balanced. We love the lacy, embroidered stems and purple flowers that make up the lower third of the piece. Congratulations on a job well done!”



This quilt, Hypnotic Love, is by Maria Gonzalez Rico from Spain. She used optical effects to create a feeling of movement to draw your attention into the quilt. Maria’s quilt used raw-edge applique with great success, which is probably why it garnered the third-place prize.


Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill created this paper-pieced quilt featuring a hot-air balloon. Judge Mark Lipinski chose it for his judge’s choice award, saying “I found the overall impact of the work fresh and clean. The shapes within the balloon widen and grow, from slivers of lime green (representing the balloon’s flame) through various blues and finally to deep red- and blue-toned purples, giving the small quilt both heft and dimension. I thought the artist’s fabric choices thoughtful and effective—primarily solid colors with just the slightest bit of minimalistic patterned fabric tossed into the mix. The quilting is simple but efficient, made up of clean and clear straight lines that accent the shapes within the balloon, contrasted with the slightly wavy lines quilted in the background.”


Mary Whitaker used her favorite techniques of wool applique and stitch embellishment to create Skull Study 2. She added “The touch of the wool, threads, and embellishments while ‘painting’ with wool allow me to play and truly feed my soul with each project. I chose to play with the sugar skull for the embellishment opportunities and their part of the Dia de los Muertos celebration which is also my birthday!”



My personal favorite was Manhattan Mayhem by Michelle Banton. Her quilt also received an Honorable Mention. She definitely captured the hustle and bustle of New York City as she created a skyline of skyscrapers by drawing inspiration from a traditional Dresden Plate design. She added leather accents to her cotton quilt. Michelle drew on her experiences in NYC in creating this quilt: “I love seeing the colors, the people, the architecture, the smells and tastes – but I wouldn’t want to live there. Too much mayhem on a daily basis for me. In my quilting I’ve been having fun with the Dresden Plate and doing all sorts of variations.

Congratulations to all who submitted quilts in this years’ Quilt Alliance challenge. Following the exhibition at Handi Quilter and later at Quilters Take Manhattan, the quilts will be auctioned off to benefit the Quilt Alliance. To see all of the submitted quilts, visit Quilt Alliance at

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In the Handi Quilter Gallery: Luke Haynes



Just look at what we get to enjoy each day as we walk in the Handi Quilter front door! Yes those are some of quilt artist Luke Haynes’ Clothing Portrait and larger-than-life-size self-portrait quilts.

Luke is an architect turned quilter. He comes from a strong art and design background that informs his quilt work in a different way than is generally associated with quilting. He makes quilts to discuss utility in aesthetics and because, as he says “I like the tactile craft of constructing works out of fabric”. As you can see from these quilts, he can work with disparate pieces of fabric and create a cohesive final product that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We are also honored to have several of his Log Cabins of Donald Judd quilts. This series will eventually comprise 50 quilts, each a 90-inch by 90-inch log cabin variation.



Luke says about this endeavor: “The basic idea is that I want to make the 50 quilts iterations of the log cabin. All different variations with the same language, all red centers with white and black fabric. All the fabric will be used textiles so the patterns and language of the details will be dictated by the range of ‘black’ or ‘white’ or ‘red’ that I have access to in the form of used garment/textiles. But will all read as graphic compositions in black and white.”



img1121-w700 img1120-w700Luke’s quilting philosophy embraces exploring ways of using fabric as a medium for both functional quilts as well as wall hangings. The cloth becomes the medium that he uses to create images and scenes rather than conceal and contain.He is interested in the choices quilters make to express themselves to the world. He believes that they create an environment around themselves to inform others how they desire to be perceived.
Luke’s work is shown across the country, and exists primarily within the world of fine arts, showing in galleries and museums. He is taking quilting to the masses of literate artisans that may yet not know the ripe qualities of the medium.

Luke lives in Seattle Washington. You can see his work andlearn about upcoming exhibitions of his quilts at

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HQ’s Headquarters Building Has a New Look



We have been in our larger office space for nearly two years. In preparation for Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City last month, we decided to add some eye candy to our building. You can see the “before” photo above.

And here’s what it looks like now! Perhaps you’ll recognize some of the quilters we’ve featured in our magazine ads.



Here are some close-up pics of the banners:








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Recap of the 2016 HMQS Show



The Home Machine Quilting Show (HMQS) is underway in Salt Lake City and the quilting awards have been announced. Handi Quilter sponsors the Main Stage (where the awards take place), as well as the Best of Show quilt award. We were also happy that there were several other Handi Quilter connections throughout the awards ceremony.

The first award was Teacher of the Year. Congratulations to the newest HQ ambassador Laurie Tigner for being named Teacher of the Year.


Laurie also won quilting awards in a couple of the quilting categories, so it was a big day for Laurie.

Last year’s Teacher of the Year was Suzanne Hyland, also an HQ ambassador. This year HMQS featured a special exhibit of Suzanne’s fabulous quilts. Here are a few to enjoy:





We also want to congratulate Margaret Solomon Gunn for her first place award in the Traditional Whole Cloth category. Margaret quilts with an HQ Fusion.


And of course Handi Quilter was honored to present the Best of Show award to Nancy Prince for her quilt “On This Winter Day”.




Handi Quilter also sponsors the Youth quilt category. It is so wonderful to see quilts pieced and machine quilted by young quilters.


We also want to congratulate two Handi Quilter employees who received quilting awards: Marie Eldredge and Connie Eagle.

Connie received a judge’s choice award for her Quilt of Valor challenge quilt. Awesome job Connie!


And we love Marie Eldredge’s distinct quilting style that always brings oohs and ahhs. Marie received a teacher’s choice award for this amazing quilt:


Congratulations to all of the quilters who received awards at this year’s HMQS show!

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